January 29, 2009

I've Got ZERO Ability to Concentrate Today...

Clearly nothing productive is happening in the Burgh today. Nothing productive from a business standpoint, that is. I'd certainly argue, and I imagine most would agree that rallying is productive in some sense. But of course, it isn't going to pay the bills. Either way, I call next on this tricky game right here (see above).

And for all of you like me who are detached from the Burgh, here are some other random pics I was able to secure from today's pep rally...

Chick on the left needs to update her jersey. Faneca done gone, sweetheart.

What are YOU doing, lady? Get out there!

Nothing of interest here. Just some run of the mill dudes waving towels.

Fur coat express is fired up. So is her leopard print hat. I can hear that thing roaring from here.

Rawr, here we go, STEELERS!!!

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