January 19, 2009

Quoth The Raven Steelers, Nevermore.

Let me tell you a story about the time the Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC Championship. Better yet, let me tell you a story about the time the Steelers BEAT the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC Championship.

What a win!

Today, it's hugs all around...

Tighten that grip a little there, Ben.

Hope that hug didn't herniate a disc in Marvell Smith's back (disclaimer: that is a joke).


Man, that's like a Matrix style hug.

There are so many reasons why this is awesome.

These two put their tongues in each others mouths right after this.

I said it last night and I'm going to say it again this morning for good measure - you can't beat a team three times in a season, huh? HA! I guess nobody told Mike Tomlin and the Steelers that.

For the second Monday in a row, I find myself quite pleased. There were certainly less "highs" in last night's game than the San Diego game. But the only thing that matters is that Tomlin ultimately got the Gatorade bath.

We knew the Ravens were going to be a hard sell, but all in all, I'd say anytime you hold an opponent to under 200 yards of total offense, you can't really complain.

Plus, this makes two weeks in a row that Ben has made some pretty good plays. He was getting pretty good protection, and most importantly, he didn't make any major mistakes.

Oh, and guess what Joe Flacco fan club? Flacco - 13/30, 141 yards, 0 TDs and THREE INTERCEPTIONS!! Big Ben - 16/33, 255 yards, 1 TD, and NO INTERCEPTIONS!! You're a good man, Joe Flacco. This just wasn't your year. But hey, At least your unibrow got some good play.

PS - Fire your PR rep. And your genetics. That or resolve yourself to a lifetime of celibacy. Your choice.

Ed Reed?

Ish don't think so.

That said, I mean, the Ravens secondary was down to like guys who were working at Sizzler last week. So, does that matter? Who knows.

I'm not going to make light of it too much. But I will say that I hope Willis McGahee is alright. That was a hell of a clock cleaner, and he didn't look too hot. My thoughts and prayers go out to him.

Anyways, here are this weeks "Things That Were Awesome," "Things That Were Not Awesome," and "Things That Made Me Wish I Had Gone To Church"...

1. Our 1st offensive drive for 3

2. Stopping them on 4th down after Willie's Fumble

3. Deshea's pick

4. Ben to Santonio on the 1st play of the 2nd Quarter

5. Silverback's hit on McClain

6. Sweed's haymaker to Corey Ivy's jaw

7. Heaths play on 2nd and 24

8. Troy's pick six!

9. Anthony Madison = Special Teams Ace

10. Tomlin kept it real

1. Willie fumbling

2. Hines hurt...though, he was cool to high five everyone afterward

3. Not spiking the ball quick enough at the end of first half

4. Longest. Game. Ever.

5. Joe Flacco's unibrow

1. Letting them hang around until late
2. Mitch Berger shank punt special
3. Special Teams run back that led to Ravens 1st TD
4. Letting them get 7 in the 4th quarter
5. Willie Colon - two false start penalties

Who gets canned first - Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb?

What an epic facial expression.

Get ready for Arizona, kids!

The Whis and Kurt Warner have already started their mobile make out session. This ought to be a fun two weeks.

We've got a whole new ballgame on our hands, now. I can't friggin' wait!

Only one thing left to do...

So, how awesome was that?


Noah said...

Very awesome indeed Cotter.

Silverback finally got a hold call.....only after the guy basically dragged him into the ground on his knees. A lot more of those should've been called, but we still won.

No catch on Santonio??? Seriously? What more do you want!?!? 2 feet down and football move, that's all you need, and that's what he gave you.

2 PIs that set up their only tds, not cool. The first one, idk, but the second one was def. merited. Doesn't mean that I like it.

2 weeks to rest everyone. Enjoy those GINORMOUS hits.

tecmo said...

I sharted straight dookie when they called the hold. Haven't seen one of those in a minute

Sheena Beaston said...

i have no words, in the best sense possible


big TC said...

Also, Flacco's QB rating was 18. something. THAT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE DRINKING AGE.

another thing is, on my way home from the game, i was listening to the steeler radio postgame show. some joker called in to say that we should start big byron instead of big ben so we could confuse whiz, because whiz KNOWS ben sooooo much. joke. FAIL


domski43 said...

congrats to the steelers and the cardinals.

60 minutes of football left this year.

Super Bowl 43!

shawnk said...

sweet post....

pecze said...

Either you're blocking it from your mind, or you need to create a whole separate category for the suck that was Limas Sweed's drop of a sure 6 points.

On top of that, he faked an injury that cost us that last timeout. Ben wouldn't have had to rush to spike the ball had Limas not bruised his pride so badly...

Cotter said...

I definitely didn't forget. And it was maddening for sure. But I figured I'd let everyone else kill him for it. Frankly, I see no good reason to add my voice to that chorus.

Besides, I'd rather not dwell too much on the negative today. I'm too happy about the win!

domski43 said...

the sweed drop was unacceptable, but the way i look at is he was wide open. he later came back to make up that play 3 ways.

1. the crack back block on corey ivy when miller caught a first down ball. limas looked like hines ward (huge statement there)
2. broke up a sure interception in the end zone that frank walker had his hands on.
3. made a big catch to move the chains.

even though sweed had a huge drop, its nice to see that ben kept trying to go back to him. hopefully he can make a big play in the Super Bowl!

pecze said...

@cotter and domski43

I agree, it was a drop. That much I can get over. And it's good that Ben went back to him. He also did make up for the drop.

The thing that bothers me is the wasted time out. Those 3 points, at that juncture, could have been the difference.

domski43 said...

pecze - limas laying on the ground b/c his feelings were hurt was unacceptable.

lets just hope he makes a huge play in the SUPER BOWL!!!

Notgomu said...

Or better yet, let's hope Hines Ward makes a big play in the Super Bowl! Assuming he is back for the Super Bowl and Sweed goes back to the bench. That hit on Ivy was right out of Ward's playbook. Phenomenal hit. PHENOMENAL.