January 19, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Oh yeah? I didn't even know this was a question.

Damn, so even a Defense who statistically and physically dominates the regular season isn't the best until it wins an AFC Championship? Methinks them's some high standards. But hey, I'm a total homer. So my opinion can't really be relied upon. For anything.

Anyways, good to know that now we're bonafide in the eyes of whoever wrote this one (didn't even bother reading it).

But either way, SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with it, some Super Bowl links...


And how does one celebrate a Steelers AFC Championship? At the Great Wall, of course [PSaMP]

MJD's five most valuable players from this weekend. Sweed with the honorable mention! [Shutdown Corner]

MJD's five lease valuable players from this weekend. Sweed with the honorable mention [insert grumble] [Shutdown Corner]

Update on Hines [Trib]

JetBlue adding flights from Pittsburgh to Tampa for the big one [Post-Gazette]

Rex Ryan to the Jets! It may not affect the Ravens all that much but any chance I get to jab them, I'm gonna take it [NBC Sports]

You'd think I'd have more links after what happened last night. Well, frankly, I'm already tired of the Whis/Grimm vs. their old team talk. So that knocked out approximately 85% of today's news stories. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

Oh well, happy Martin Luther King day!

Can't. Stop. Smiling.

Now someone please explain to the rest of the internets that OFTOT is all over the Steelers Super Bowl run. Seriously.

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random asshole said...

Why are people wasting their time with the "Whis/Grimm vs. their old team" talk, anyway? It's not like there's any ill will between these two teams. In fact, this may be the "friendliest" Super Bowl matchup you could possibly get. Fuck, it's basically Steelers versus Steelers West.

Am I the only one who's glad the Cardinals won these last three weeks and showed everyone up? It's almost unfortunate their streak has to end now. Almost.