January 24, 2009

OFTOT Week In Review - Playoffs Week 4...

Big Dilemma = Where to watch the Super Bowl?

Options = Tampa, Pittsburgh, Hoboken, Manhattan, Delaware

Iron City being flown in is a definite plus. But it's awesomeness is significantly outweighed by the fact that there ain't no way in hell I can afford a ticket to the game. And paying for a plane ticket to fly to a place I really couldn't care less about doesn't sound too appealing either. Unless there will be hot chicks. But I doubt there would be enough to sway me. They do have some excellent Buffalo Grouper sandwiches and She-Crab Soup in Clearwater, though.

Likelihood = about as likely as Romeo Crennell dropping 50 pounds

Domski and I were there for Super Bowl XL. We went to Sports Rock. We got there at like 11:45 AM, they didn't open until like 12:30 and there was a line around the block. Then, once we got inside, at like 12:45 mind you, all the good spots in the bar were taken. So we were forced to set up shop in the middle of the floor of the upstairs bar. We turned a trash can upside down and got a large serving tray to put on top and that was our home base all day. Needless to say, hanging out in a bar for like six hours before the game even started, every minute of which was filled with anticipation, was not exactly ideal. At least there was beer.

When the Steelers won, after our initial rioting at the bar, we took our act to Carson St. Big mistake. Tanks, rubber bullets, pepper spray, it was snowing, and all the bars closed. Failblog.

It was a great time that I'll never forget. But it also involved the good six hour drive from Hoboken to Pittsburgh and the good six hour drive back. Driving + No Money = Eek.

Likelihood = about as likely as a winning season for the Pirates

When you're a single dude, watching the Super Bowl at home is about as lame as it gets. Unless you've got a good party planned or something, which I do not. The only reason I'd even consider being this gay is that I watched both playoff games from here and liveblogged both. I'm a superstitious guy, and departing from "tradition" for the Super Bowl seems precarious. But I did it for Super Bowl XL and look how that worked out. So basically, what I'm saying is...

Likelihood = slightly better than the chance that Domski will actually drink a beer

Good bars. Good chicks. Good friends. You really can't go wrong with Manhattan...like, pretty much ever. But $5-$6 beers and the good chance that win or lose, I'd have to throw down with some idiots that wanna shit on the Steelers makes it somewhat less attractive. Not to mention, I just think there's something fundamentally odd about watching the Steelers play for the Super Bowl while in the city. That said...

Likelihood = significantly better than Britney Spears' chance of staying clean and sober

I can't believe I'm even considering this. The only reason that I am?

This idiot has constrained himself to watching at home...in Delaware.

The downside? Eagles fans. Plus, no potential rioting outside of me running up and down the stairs knocking shit off the walls with my towel. And even then, I'm willing to bet Nicole (the saint who married Domski) would kick my ass. Those pictures look like they took a long time to put up.

Likelihood = Go Eagles

I'm stumped.

Oh well, week in review time, it is...

1. The Show is a good luck charm

2. SUPER BOWL!!! AHHHH!!!! l;aksdfalksndaklndfgs

3. Some headlines were dissected or something like that

4. You voted for the Presidency, now vote Tomlin for 2008 Coach of the Year!

5. Another ridic Outtake Reel

6. Amateurs, dude

7. Terrible Towel chocolate bars. Solid.

8. Jeff Reed's hair is out of hand.

9. Chances that we'll hear whining about Super Bowl XL just got a lot better

10. Hines isn't screwing around with this injury. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. Bonus.

11. The obligatory and infamous Meeting People Is Easy

12. Rounded out the week with some caption fun

As for the riffs, I took that link I put up in yesterday's AFC North Headline of the Day and sent it to all my friends to find out what song was #1 on the days they were born, and posted all their results here. Feel free to check that out.

Apologies for the bush league attempt at humor this week. I just can't muster the strength to be funny this morning. This blog is seriously cutting into my study time already. Cut me.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't already done so, support my ass on Twitter. Whoa, that sounded kind of dirty. You know what? Don't worry about it. Just do it.


big TC said...

I'm heading up to my apartment in pittsburgh on Friday. I'm going to head over to the grille 36 or to some chicks party. either way, there will be beer and people pissing me off. yay. go steelers!

Marc said...

domski, what in the hell are you doing in that pic?

Kyle said...

My Steelers spot is The Liberty Bar in Hoboken. I know the (new) Hoboken Steelers hotspot is Texas-Arizon, and that place is cool too, but before Steeler nation found that place, the go-to-steeler spot was LIberty Bar. Only a few Steeler fans are left there, but at least you'll have a seat in front of the big screen, instead of watching your beer drip down your shirt when the nuts-to-butts crowd at Tx-Az gives your brew a quick elbow blow.

random asshole said...

Damn, Sports Rock Cafe is still around? I remember pissing off a few bartenders there when they did $0.50 mixed drinks on Saturdays, ordering ten drinks at a time.

In the meantime, I'll spend the next few days trying to convince myself to head out to the 'burgh that weekend, even though I'll end up sticking around here anyway.

matt said...

Don't forget Brooklyn as an option. I plan on turning it into my own Steeler bar.

Tec, you down?

tecmo said...

matt - Perhaps. I gotta liveblog Puppy Bowl...thats from 3-5...game is at what, 630?

matt said...

They say 6 on NBC, I assume 6:30 kickoff

Notgomu said...

Liveblog the puppy bowl? what?

Beaded Banners by Bonnie said...

I would say a Steelers bar ANYWHERE would be a great place to watch the big game.

My FIRST choice would be throw a party yourself, but otherwise go with a Steelers bar somewhere. If not a Steelers bar, doubt it could be much fun.