January 17, 2009

OFTOT Week In Review - Playoffs Week 3...

Domski is in the house and not drinking. No time to talk.

Blah blah, week in review...

1. Benny the Blade

2. Ravens hatred via the AFC North Headlines of the Day

3. THE Show and Outtake reel

4. Ray Lewis eats babies

5. 1998 Starting Lineup Jerome Bettis action figure = best gift ever

6. Injury report

7. Fun with pictures from last weekend

8. Know your enemy

9. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

10. Comparing the Steelers and Ravens numbers

11. Meeting People Is Easy

12. What do you have in YOUR Steelers room?

13. Rounding it out with the Rally

Show will be up around Noon tomorrow if all goes to plan. Liveblog should be fired up by 5:30. Be there or be a Ravens fan.

Unfortunately no Riffs this week. Maybe if I get a moment later. But if you're really thirsty for tunes, feel free to peruse the week over at Friday Morning Riffs.

And finally, thanks to whoever emailed this to me...

China's fired up.

Go Eagles.

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