January 26, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Aw, the world's tiniest cappuccino machine whirs for you, Seattle.

Are you sure that's all rain water up there and not Seahawks fans tears?

Are you kidding me? ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?

Dude...LET IT GO!

Look, first of all, we know none of you really care about football anyhow.

Second of all, how about you focus on the fact that your team couldn't win more than four(!) games this season, even though you play in a division won by a team that was but only one game over .500! How about this? The God damned 49ers(!) won seven games and they fired their Coach mid-season!

My advice to y'all is to get a job, sir figure out what is broken and fix it, lest you never get a chance to avenge the so-called travesty that "was" Super Bowl XL.

...by the way, the Steelers had four wins by Week 5. Just sayin'...

You gotta stop livin' in the past, man. There's nothing you can do to change it. No one is going to forfeit the Super Bowl to you, even if anyone outside of your Northwest haven felt the same way you do about the outcome.

You know what I'D like? An apology for American Idol's Blake Lewis. As soon as you give me that, I'll gladly agree with whatever the hell you want me to. Savvy?

Either way, Mr. Rooney's response to that dude's letter was quality...

"You are something special -- you watch a TV broadcast of Super Bowl XL with all the interruptions, camera locations, replays, and now know more than anyone else in America on what was wrong with the officiating."
Bravo, sir.

Here's the link to the letter on eBay. Someone please buy this so we can frame it and put it in the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.

QFA, Seattle.

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domski43 said...

seattle got ripped off.