December 1, 2008

You're God Damn Right!

The air was cold
The rain was falling
The defense was stout
And the offense, NOT stalling

There were some scares early on
My stomach was in tears
But that wasn't the game
So much as it was the beers

In the end we prevailed
We told those dudes what was up
And by the end of the game
No beer remained in my cup
I don't think there are enough words in the world to express how absolutely awesome it was to watch the Steelers DOMINATE the Patriots the way they did yesterday. 33-10, but it could easily have been 33-3 had it not been for Big Ben's unsightly interception on the 1st drive of the game.

After last season's debacle, which effectively marked our downward spiral, I can't tell you how encouraging it was/is to see the Steelers assert themselves on both sides of the ball. And hell, Bruce Arians even called a pretty good game! Someone better check to see if hell froze over and/or if cats and dogs are living together!

So let's do the usual Monday morning routine, and review this week's "Things That Were Awesome," "Things That Were Not Awesome," and "Things That Made Me Want To Punch Myself."

1. DOMINATING THE PATRIOTS and scoring 30 unanswered points in the process!
2. Master Fly W. Large - 16 rushes for 87 yards, at 80% health

3. Silverback - 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 10 total tackles, 7 solo

4. The Law - 5 total tackles, 3 solo, 1 awesome INT

5. Patriots 3rd Down efficiency = 1/13
6. Reservoir's waffle fries with veggie chili and cheese
7. Seeing New England's stands emptying with 5 minutes left in the game
8. Santonio's punt return for 29 yards
9. Ryan Clark's hit on Wes Welker - penalty or not, this was awesome...

10. Ben only getting sacked once

1. Jeff Reed missing a 40 yarder in the 4th
2. Binladichick. He will always occupy a spot here

3. 8 penalties for 88 yards
4. Randy Moss' hands - not awesome for New England, but totally awesome for us

5. Sansmokio's hands - touchdown catch notwithstanding

1. Carey Davis fumbling the opening kickoff
2. Big Ben's 1st Quarter pick
3. Tec and I walking a good mile to the bar in cold wind and rain
4. 3rd Quarter pass interference call on Face Me Ike
5. 4th Quarter unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Face Me Ike

Sadly, the Ravens played the Bengals yesterday. So it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that they were going to advance themselves in the standings. They're now 8-4, while we're 9-3. Certainly not a comfortable division lead by any means, but I can't really be worried about that today. What happened yesterday, that was just too awesome!

So, what do you guys think? Statement game? Big win? Did you also enjoy watching Bill Belichick crying on the sidelines?

And just because, here are some other great shots...

Chad Johnson and Michael Flatley've got nothin' on Big Ben...

Aww, so sad...

Silverback, eh? He looks more like a Great White in this one...

There's blood in the water...

That's 65 collective years sacking your ass, Matt Cassel!


big TC said...

great game yesterday!! love sticking it to them assholes.

the pic where silverback is sacking/force fumbling, look at cassel's face. he knows he can't stop it, there is no way to fight, he had to take it. fast and hard. and i honestly thought he enjoyed it. lol

Nicole said...

did randy moss have any catches in the second half?

awesome job in all 3 aspects of the game.

bring on the cowboys!

tiny350Z said...

Spectacular game. Loved seeing Big Snack get a sack in there as well. Definitely a statement, considering we haven't been able to beat them in Foxboro since '97. It's a happy Monday... well, sort of - it's still Monday.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Clark is a cunt. A pussy. A piece of shit.
Cheap, cheap, cheap. Dirty. Payback next year, ladies.

Cotter said...

Wow, the douchebaggery of Patriots "fans" never ceases to amaze me. Nice work, anonymous. You know who's a pussy? Anyone who slings insults anonymously. Go cry to Roger Goodell.

Anonymous said...


You're a cunt too. Enjoy your one and done playoffs.


tecmo said...

Anon - Enjoy missing the playoffs.

Really? This is how bitchy Patriots fans are when there's no bandwagon to stand on? Jeez. Almost makes me root for them to succeed again.

Cotter said...

HA! 10 bucks says this would've happened even if they were 12-0. Pats fans are just a bunch of douchebags like that, remember tec?

And anon, I'll try not to cry myself to sleep tonight because you called me a cunt. It'll be tough to fight back the tears, but I think I'll manage.

Noah said...

Things that were awesome:
1. Only one sack on Ben
2. Defense (Welcome to the Machine)
3. Seeing FWP back in there even though I thought he wasn't coming back.

Things that weren't awesome:
1. Penalty on Ryan Clark (and ultimately the fine that will come)
2. Nate Washington (although he had a great game) You can't drop a ball like that when you're easily 3 steps in front of the CB.
3. Dropped balls in general

Things that make me wanna punch myself in the face:
1. Special Teams - can't fumble opening kickoff and Reed is usually automatic.
2. Whiny Pats fans
3. Whiny Pats fans

random asshole said...

To be fair, Cotter, the douchebaggery of most people never ceases to amaze me. Throwing in a Boston component obviously can't help, but do you really expect this not to happen after we beat the Cowboys as well?

Honestly, though, you should be proud of this incident. You've grown this site to the point where you now have your own trolls. Congrats.

ladi_izz said...

Things that were awesome: 30 unanswered points in the second half! It was beautiful.

Don't listen to the Pats troll. He's calling Ryan Clark dirty; what about that helmet-to-helmet that Heath Miller took, and there was no penalty? Best part, the Pats player that hit him got shaken up. Oh, and Heath still held onto the ball.

One more awesome thing: 08 Steelers: 5-1 on the road; 07 Steelers: 3-5.

domski43 said...

thats what wes welker gets for being a tiny gnat against a defense of real men (no hgh here fruitcup) those little underneath crossing routes he runs were going to catch up to him sooner or later. maybe he'll think about coming over the middle next time against the steelers just like randy moss did. hahahahh!!!!

i hope the steelers play the pats in the playoffs. i love matt cassel!!!

tecmo said...

I put this on the last thread, but:

I did anonymous' mom

/see what I just did?

tiny350Z said...

One more thing that was awesome?
Timmons' interception. Fantastic. Go vote for it for the GMC play of the week - or something.

big TC said...

pat fans is the reason why there are aids in this world.

btw happy national aids day.

matt said...

It's encouraging & shows what kind of team we can be if the offense plays half as well as the defense.

Noah said...

Amen to previous post.