December 22, 2008


Hey guys, listen, I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is, that game yesterday didn't really mean anything big. The bad news is, it meant that the Steelers are apparently not ready to go toe to toe with the AFC's 1 seed.

But hey, we're still guaranteed the 2 seed. We've still got a 1st round bye. And we play the Browns this coming Sunday...who got shut out yesterday by...the BENGALS!

So yeah, of course I'm irritated. I was angrier than anyone yesterday. I was jumping around in the back room of the bar to the point that they were probably considering either cutting my ass off or sending my ass home. But, you want me to take that as a measure of how the Steelers will do in the playoffs? I hope not.

Turnovers. We served 'em up yesterday like they were going out of style.

Bottom line = You just can't win with four Offensive turnovers.

So let's not belabor the point. Here are this week's "Things That Were Awesome," "Things That Were Not Awesome," and "Things That Made Us Look Fraudulent."

1. Big Ben threw for 331 yards and 2 TDS!

2. Santonio had 5 catches for 93 yds and one serious TD catch!

3. Farrior had double digit SOLO tackles (10)!

Not on this play, though...

4. Silverback = your new Steelers single season sack record holder.

5. Hines Ward is hard as hell. 7 catches, 109 yds, 1 excellent TD!

1. Silverback hurt.

2. Big Ben hurt.

3. We lost.

4. We lost.

5. We lost.

1. Big Ben's fumble on the 2nd drive of the 1st quarter.


2. Big Ben's fumble on the 1st drive of the 2nd quarter.


3. Big Ben's interception on the 3rd drive of the 3rd quarter.


4. Big Ben's interception on the last drive of the 4th quarter.


5. Jeff Reed missed a 33 yarder?

11-4, with the Browns coming to Pittsburgh next Sunday. Ken Dorsey.

Need I say more?

So let's just take the week and do some deep thinking...

And just for fun, here are yesterday's most memorable visuals...

Kerry Collins didn't throw any picks that I'm aware of...

Wait, Willie Parker played? Who knew?

I knew I shouldn't have eaten that second chimichanga before the game!

Oh no, not again!

Hey, baby...

What are you so happy about, you fat piece of shit? You still only average 3 yards per carry. Eat less Little Debbie, dickface.

At least Kearse's towel is regulation...

Unlike Keith Bulluck. Must've bought that monstrosity off of one of the dish washers at LP Field.

Yep, alright. Eat a dick, Jeff and we'll see ya in January...Oh, and take off those sunglasses. You look like a fruitcake.

Aw man, you guys, I am so high right now...

Hey, you think yesterday was tough for the Steelers? How about Whisenhunt's Cardinals? FAIL BLOG CITY! 41-7. Kurt Warner for MVP, you say? Eek...

And how 'bout them Browns? 14-0, Cincy. CINCY! Ryan Fitzpatrick. Congratulations, Cleveland. Win or lose Sunday, you 'effing suck.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's three days until Christmas and I've got approximately 78 beers in my fridge. I'll see you guys in the new year!


I'll be here later. And tomorrow.


big TC said...

The titans are a classless organization. I'm more pist off about them disrespecting the towel than the loss. Thats basically spitting on the great late myron cope. I hope we do meet them in playoffs. I really do. Does anyone remember what TJ Douchemanzahdah did the year we won the superbowl? BIG MISTAKE. Like you've said, this game ment nothing; yet I'am still furious about the post game shenanigans (yes I used the word shenanigans). I know we will rebound against the lowley browns. Blah Blah blah blah. I know, I know. Lendale White is a fat bastard. BLAH BLAH BLAH. haha.


Get Fresh Designs said...

I wasn't pissed about that loss, but I was pissed when I saw some of those titans doing that to the terrible towel. Why would you do that to the No. 2 seed? I can see them doing it if they knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs, but not to a playoff bound team. Idiots.

And I think you mean San Antonio Holmes, as Jim Nance called him at one point in the game.

tiny350Z said...

You have a problem with your turnovers: Those actually look good! The ones yesterday made my stomach weak.
Yeah, the Terrible Towel thing is pretty classless. Not pleased to see the way things played out yesterday... but now maybe people will stop talking about us and we can go on with winning.
I got a text message from my friend yesterday: Did you see Snoop Dog wearing a titans jacket and steelers gloves?? f-ing traitor.

I personally did not see it, but Tec... I think it's time to start boycotting the Snoop.

domski43 said...

Mismatch = Steelers defense vs. Titans mamouth offensive line and tight ends.

w/out haynesworth and vandenbosch some unknown dude gets something like 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles?

this steelers team will only go as far as this offensive line will take them.

Cotter said...

tc ~ I wouldn't worry. LenWhale will get his comeuppance if we meet again. The Steelers want blood anyhow. This is just potentially additional fuel.

doug ~ San Antonio, indeed. I always think it's funny when broadcasters do that. I guess they haven't caught on to the Sansmokio moniker yet. I'm still doing my part to make that one stick, though.

tiny ~ Yeah, what's up with Snoop? Didn't he recently sell the Steelers treehouse thing he had in his backyard (or something like that)? Is he renouncing his fandom?

domski ~ I'd like to say I disagree. But I don't. And I can't. The stats speak for themselves. There were moments when it looked like Ben had time, but obviously those were overcome by the times that he was under pressure or sacked. Failblog.