November 10, 2008

I'll Have Some Of Whatever He's Smoking...

Ok, I'm gonna file this one under "overreaction." Sure, we're all displeased with Big Ben's inadequacy. But sometimes, a step back helps. I can justify sitting him. He probably needs that. But calling him Tommy Maddox? Really?

#1 - Ben Roethlisberger ≠ Tommy Maddox
There's about 11 years, 20 pounds and like 8000 interceptions that say so. Although as Ape said last night, "he's approaching Kordell territory in terms of frequency of game-killing turnovers."

#2 - "Raisins" = one of the dumbest nicknames I've ever heard
You may call them any number of names, but "Raisins" is off the board.

#3 - Joe Flacco is not > Ben Roethlisberger
You must either be delusional or an overly-proud alumnus of THE University of Delaware if you can follow this line of thinking (and don't look at me).

All Star, indeed.



Get Fresh Designs said...


i thought ben played a good game, except that first INT before half, I seriously thought he was throwing to Moore out of the backfield.

when they need 8 yards, they throw short, when they 2 yards they throw for 8.

random asshole said...

Cotter, you need to get out more. You obviously haven't noticed that the sky is falling. We lost a game, dude, we lost a game! If this isn't the time to overreact, then let me know when IS the time.

On a more realistic note, here's some life advice: there's a reason most sports blogs aren't worth reading. You managed to cite today's incarnation of that reason.

domski43 said...

BOTTOM LINE = the steelers are winning 17-7 (the 7 for the colts comes off a lucky bounce off ike's fingers) and then the wheels fall off. everyone is frustrated today because we all know the steelers are the better team. they just didnt make the plays on sunday, while the colts did.

my question = how did the steelers only score 3 points in the second half?

Cotter said...

doug ~ He definitely wasn't altogether terrible. I think most of us have probably overlooked the good because the bad cost so much. But I totally hear ya.

random asshole ~ Wait, you said MOST sports blogs. Are you saying THIS one IS worth reading? Because if so, I think that's as close to a touching moment as we're ever going to get. I'm getting all veclemped...

domski ~ Why, because of Bruce Arians, of course.

Noah said...

While I agree Ben is nowhere near the Suckiness of Maddox (Ben SBs - 1, Maddox - -5, although he did get a nice come from behind win against the Browns in the playoffs that one year....), this is very frustrating.

About the Raisins, that is bad.

Flacco is not better yet, but he is good, especially with a system that isn't expecting much from him. (ala Ben, although that is changing).

Basically, we have to stop sucking. I don't like when we suck, esp. if we dominate in everything but the score (although that's not the case all the time.)

Fire Bruce Arians. I miss Whisenhunt.......

ladi izz said...

Rich Hertzer seems to have forgotten 2004. I bet there were qute a few people that said "The Steelers are starting a freaking Rookie and he's already better than *insert QB name here*."

I'm not sure what the problem is, I know Ben wanted to call more of the plays, so maybe more of this rests on his shoulders than Bruce Arians. Then again, Bruce is most likely the one who called the three straight runs by Mewelde in the 2nd half, and then they had to settle for 3.

I also agree with Rich Hertzer's closing statement, F him.