November 10, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Aw, how cute. A couple of Browns fans started a website calling for Bill Cowher in Cleveland. How cute AND creative.

Oh, so 83 people have signed your online petition to bring Bill Cowher to Cleveland? Well shit, better call up the Chin now and let him know to start packing.

Seriously? No.

We know, Cowher cut his teeth as a Browns Special Teams Coach. Fine. Whatever. It's not like he's ever said anything about liking it. You go where you get an opportunity.

And ok, we get it, you're tired of losing and you think Romeo Crennel's to blame. What's that, you say? You need a Coach with fire? Oh, I thought you said you needed to fire a Coach.

Let me just see if I understand this. Your team was assembled largely by GM Phil Savage. Your Defense can't stop shit, despite Savage's "genius" moves to get Shaun Rogers from the Lions and Corey Williams from the Packers (see Jay Cutler, 447 yards passing). Your Offense, Brady Quinn's performance last Thursday notwithstanding, has been marked by dropped balls and injuries, including the one that's kept "premier" receiver Donte Stallworth on the sidelines for five out of your nine games. But you know what? You're right. This IS all Romeo Crennel's fault. God, I mean, even a trained monkey could win with this team.

Sounds like Browns fan logic.

More Coaches = More Super Bowls? Yes, of course. CHAMPIONSHIP!

I don't think I can top that. Just go ahead and read these links...

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Vern said...

Dude...while I doubt Cowher's going to come running to Cleveland because 83 retards signed a petition, you have to admit...Romeo Crennel is a terrible coach. He's really really bad at football coaching. Watch some of the decisions he makes during games.

Cotter said...

Sure, I'll admit that. Gladly. But who hired him?

Vern said...


ljkc said...

Will someone hire ME?!?!?!?

Cotter said...

Well, if you can hold out until seasons end and don't mind living in effing Ohio...