November 5, 2008

Gary Brackett? I Like Those Odds...

Ok, we've got a new President. Yeah yeah, that's all well and good. But this is a Steelers blog, people. I could give two shits about Barack Obama, President of Hittin' Dat Ass, right now. We just won in sick fashion on Monday night, and we've got the Indianapolis Mini Ponies Colts riding into town on Sunday (pun intended). Let's get it together. Priorities. I mean, shit yeah I'm all aflutter over all of this. But today I'd rather talk about Peyton Manning (Did I really just say that?).

Actually, you know what I was thinking about while watching the election results last night? I was thinking - "God, I'm not even considered part of the 'young people' demographic anymore." That shit is WEAK! But I guess I should've known that anyhow, because I was watching the ELECTION RESULTS. What's next, the Discovery Channel? Oh shit. Um, better make that PBS.

But seriously, congratulations to President-elect Obama. The economy is in the crapper, Michael Phelps is invading our brains and the Arizona Cardinals are playing good football. Your move.

Anyways, the Colts. When I think about these fillies, I think three things - Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai and Bob Sanders. I also think of the 10 pounds of waste that dumped out of my ass when Jerome Bettis fumbled on the goal line a few years back. But let's just leave that aside for sanity's sake, ok?

Just preliminarily, because really, it's only Wednesday, let's talk about these cats for a minute.

Peyton Manning? That's one dude I would NOT like to see more than once a season. So this year he's been a shadow of himself? Fine. But keep in mind, even a shadow of Peyton Manning is actually thirty times the QB that say, Jamarcus Russell is. So he may not throw for FIVE touchdowns in a game and maybe he only throws one or two. But if it's a game that comes down to the last few minutes and our opposition has a chance to come back, one of the last dudes I want to see on the other side of the field is Peyton Manning. The dude just knows how to win. I make fun of him to no end for all his bullshit once he gets up to the line. But the truth is, he knows his shit. He's got it all figured out. I hear he even knows who shot JR.

Joseph Addai? I love the guy. Oh how cute, that rhymed. Anyways, I do kind of like the way Joseph Addai runs. Now, he's coming off an injury here. So maybe we won't get Addai at full force. But they've also got Dominick Rhodes right behind him. Who, you know, I mean, he's eh, ok. Fact is, though. Their last game was Addai's first game back from nursing a sore hammy. And he only gained 32 yards on 17 carries. Against the Patriots old, tired ass Defense. So it's entirely possible that he'll go the way of every other opposing RB we've faced this season. Is it possible to get negative rushing yards? If the Steelers Defense plays like it did Monday night I think we just might find out!

Bob Sanders? Well, I mean, nothing about him has me running for the hills. You look at the guy, and you gotta think, "how the eff?" I mean, he's like five feet nothing, like 200 pounds. Yet he's right there hitting on every play. The only explanation I can offer is that he's from PA. Doesn't matter how big or small you are. Even a small man from PA can loom large when he plays like Bob Sanders does. But his first game back from injury was that game last Sunday, just like Addai. Before that he was hurt for like a month and a half, and even had surgery on his knee. You think he's 100% now? Yeah, me neither.

We'll be at home, too. And you know how that goes. Try facing the Steelers Defense anywhere right now. Let alone at home where they're surrounded by a massive sea of black and gold. Could easily be a long day for Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai and Bob Sanders. Of course, it could also be a long day for either Ben or Byron, pending the results of yesterday's MRI. But at this point in the week, I'm liking our chances.

Let's not kid ourselves, though. With Bruce Arians around, anything is possible. Am I wrong?


domski43 said...

nice dimples. are those dimples? what do you call those bulging protrusions (thats what she said)

this is a scary game for the steelers. although the colts d has been suspect against the run, I am not 100% confident in Byron Leftwich for an entire game. The colts d is built on speed/not size. They are built to play with the lead, which allows Freeney and Mathis to dominate with their awesome pass rushing abilities = steelers o-line weakness. That being said, the steelers cannot fall far behind early.

The colts offense is getting healthy (o-line and playmakers) Everyone knows what Addai/Rhodes/Wayne/Harrison can do, but special emphasis has to be placed on Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez or they can kill you (see Ravens game a few weeks back).

Gotta agree w/ you Cotter, Peyton Manning is going to be a challenge. Maybe Bruce Arians can give LeBeau some tips on Manning's tendencies? On second thought, probably not.

matt said...

I'm not really sure Bruce Arians can give tips to anyone on anything football related.

Except for predictable playcalling of course:
Play Action, Run, Shotgun (resulting in a sack), PUNT.