November 5, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well what do ya know? The NFL has granted the Bengals a roster exemption for tainted substance user Darryl Blackstock. They are now clear to put him back on the roster in advance of their upcoming game against the Philthadelphia Beagles without having to waive anyone in the interim. Which, apparently also means that he'll be allowed to practice with the team as well.

So what? To be honest with you, I think that's more of a punishment than NOT allowing the Bengals to put him on their roster and NOT letting him practice this week. I mean, I know I said this once before, but who the hell is Darryl Blackstock? And even if he has the talent of, say, fellow troublemaker Odell Thurman, would it matter?

I guess I'm saying that I can see the NFL's logic. Like, how could punishing this guy make the Bengals any worse? After all, their current starting QB is still the Harvard prodigy, Ryan Fitzpatrick (or as JPPB would say, Patrick Fitzryan?). The Bengals are 1-8. Punishing them for anything at this point is rather laughable. Not to mention that being from Cincinnati is punishment enough. Can't get a decent bowl of chili in that whole damn town.

Either way, rest easy, Begnals fans. I'm sure you're at ease now, knowing that Darryl Blackstock will be back with the team in time for Philly. CHAMPIONSHIP!

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