November 20, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

UPDATE: This shit is true! YES!!!! That's just awesome.

Ok, yes. Using a Deadspin post is kind of like having someone else do the work for you. But with a headline like this, how could I resist?

Frankly, if true, this is awesome.

First of all, why in the name of Al Gore would the General Manager of an NFL franchise post his e-mail address publicly on his team's website? I mean, that's just asking for trouble. Second of all, why in the name of Bernie Kosar would PHIL SAVAGE, GM of one of the most mediocre NFL franchises in recent history post his e-mail address publicly on the Browns website? I mean, dude, I see nothing good coming of that.

Now, you may be wondering, what did this fan allegedly say to Phil and what did Phil allegedly say in return? Well, I'll show you...

HA! That certainly was Savage of him (oh, the puns)...

Again, if this is true (which is doubtful, in my opinion) - Nice work, Phil. Like the Malibu Chief of Police, you're a real reactionary.

Hopefully I won't get any emails like that for posting these links...

Sid the kid - his excellence is not just limited to hockey [PSaMP]

Check me out failing on another site [Fan Foodie]

Chad Johnson DEACTIVATED for tonight's game...for fighting Marvin Lewis? Wow, I'll bet every Bengals fan in America wishes he had fought Mike Brown instead [PFT]

Brady Quinn apparently has a fractured index finger. But unlike Tony Homo, he's planning on playing through it (yes, daily peanut gallery, I know it was Romo's pinky, not index finger) []

Herpes is to York College's Wrestling Program as Staph Infections are to the Cleveland Browns (my words, not theirs). That's effing interesting, man [Deadspin]

I have no idea who this is, but I think I love her [This Is Getting Old]

A couple more notes for you...
1. There will be a liveblog tonight. However, I have class until 7:40. So I'll be rushing home, hopefully in time for kickoff. But if I'm a little delayed, don't fret (not that you would anyhow). Also, I'll likely be watching on the interwebs. So that should make things rather interesting...either way, show up and join the fun, around 8:15!


2. I've still got a little room on this week's Meeting People Is Easy panel. So if you're interested, email me -


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