November 4, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

DISCLAIMER: Some of the contents of this post have been pointed out as inaccurate. Good thing it's a joke post. But, you know, keep your eye out for that. Maybe you'll win a prize. Or something.
Ok, who had Week 10 in the Brady Quinn pool?

Man, you have no idea how excited I am at the prospect of Brady Quinn failing hard on Thursday. For all the Browns fans who boo'd Derek Anderson, I hope Brady Quinn throws like five picks!

Listen up, Cleveland. Your whole team is FAILING. Not just Derek Anderson. If Braylon Edwards doesn't drop that ball in the end zone, you might actually have won that game. MIGHT being the key word. Either way, I think it's been a group effort on your team's part to stink it up.

That being said, I'm all for Brady Quinn. Let's see what he can do. You think he's your savior? Let's find out. Even I'm interested to see how this works out.

I just have one last question, though. Do you think Derek Anderson will be able to hold the clipboard as well as Brady Quinn? I mean, those are some big shoes to fill. Godspeed, DA.

Oh, and not that it's at all related, but apparently someone in Baltimore stole a Terrible Towel?

Them's fightin' words!

Allow these links to get you fired up for that, and of course, Brady Quinn...

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MJD's list of possible reasons Ben left last night's game. My personal fav? "Infinite sadness." [MJD]

Headline consistency FAIL [Tirico Suave]

Join Hugging Harold Reynolds' fight against Prostate Cancer! [HHR]

Bengals fans with some sense? Well, I'll be damned. [Deadspin]

By the way, stay tuned for the "big news" coming shortly!


domski43 said...

i cannot tell you how fired up i am to see the browns make the move to start brady quinn! this is ALL i wanted to see this year.

(visualize this)Dec. 28 Brady Quinn will step onto Heinz Field.


Anonymous said...

c'mon dude clean it up. Edwards didn't drop a ball in the endzone (he actually caught that one) he dropped a bomb at the 20. Which he scores only if he breaks the tackle. The DB was was tugging at his waist and feel on Edwards after the play. #17 needs to catch it, but to say it was in the endzone is just bad reporting.

Usually you do good work, but that was a lazy post. Your're better than that.

Cotter said...


Hey, no offense dude, but you try working full time, going to law school at night and posting three times a day on your blog. Doesn't sound too lazy to me.

If you'd like to do better, I'm listening.

Besides, I didn't even see the play, this is a STEELERS blog and this is not a serious post anyhow. Would you like me to post a "For Entertainment Purposes Only" disclaimer?

Cut me a break.

Cotter said...

Oh, and thanks for the qualified compliment...

tiny... said...

I would get even more excited, because you will see Quinn this Thursday night in action - much earlier than sunday!

Cotter said...

Now accepting applications for fact checkers...

Please note that you will be getting paid in Japanese Yen.

random asshole said...

I guess Cotter isn't aware that the yen is up approximately 15% against the dollar in the last month, should I?

random asshole again said...

That was an interesting way to combine two sentences. Strike that "should I."

Cotter said...

That I couldn't care less about. You knew what I meant. But perhaps to be safe I should've chosen bread crumbs.

Fucking currencies, man.

Anything else?

tiny... said...

Oh come on... I'll apply for the fact checking position. You should be excited that I brought you the good news of an additional night of football!