October 7, 2008

What's Black & White Gold and Read All Over by Domski?

Don't thank me all at once, but I'm going to ease you guys in this week. I mean, after all, it is just the bye week. We'll get to some "hard-hitting" "analysis" (like, "man, Ray Lewis sucks") later. For now, I thought it'd be fun to do a little Frequently Asked Questions post for you. Because you can never know too much about me or OFTOT...

Yeah. Anyways, read on (please!)...

How would you describe yourself?
Name: Christopher Awesome Cotter
Rank: Senior Mini-Pony Wrangler
DOB: Unknown
Turn Ons: Long walks on the beach, Sarah Mclachlan and scented candles

Do you think you're funny or something?
Absolutely not. In fact, here's a short list of people who are funnier than me - Bill Parcells, Dick Cheyney and Skeletor from He-Man (we kind of look alike too).

Are you really that ridiculous in real life?
Yes, and I have the piece of paper to prove it. I don't sugarcoat shit. You get me straight up or you don't get me at all. Next question.

Are you currently single?
Thank you for asking. Yes, I am currently single and searching [emoticon].

Have you ever wondered WHY you are single?
You know, I often ponder such bullshit as this. I usually resolve it to the fact that I refuse to go to the movies.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Stupid question. Who doesn't? Mine's mostly filled up with pictures of me doing unsavory things to either inanimate objects or my friends...depending on the year in which it was taken. PS - Join the OFTOT Facebook network.

What about Myspace?
Yep. This one's mostly just a bunch of pictures of me with my shirt off, looking all buff by the pool. You know, that and some artsy black and white, shadowed emo-y goodness. 'Cause I'm cool like that.

What about brunch?
That'd be delightful, thanks.

Bruno or Borat?
If I say Sasha Baron Cohen, because he does them both, am I out of bounds?

Who would win in a fight - you or the skinny kid from Road Trip?
I think we'd all win if I got in a fight with the skinny kid from Road Trip. Wouldn't you agree?

Approximately how many people read this blog?
Four - My Mom, my Dad, my Sister...and Domski. And occasionally my ex-girlfriend, just to remind herself why we're no longer dating.

So, how long have you been a nerd?
Wow. That's a good question. Ever since I can remember, I think. But maybe the pivotal moment came when I decided to write a Steelers blog, work full time AND go to law school at night. Think that might've been the straw that broke the camel's back.

What's your favorite color?
Ok, now you're not even trying. Black/Gold. Next!

How come you suck so bad at fantasy?
Anybody can win at fantasy. But how many people can LOSE?

Tell me again why you live in NJ?
The good people. Obviously.

Why does your face look so weird?
Why does YOUR face look so weird? Answer me that!

Is it true that you spend more time with Tecmo than you do with the ladies?
...noooooo...I mean, yes.

That's what she said?
Awful. This interview is over!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering what the answer is to the question that is the title of this post - why, it's One For The Other Thumb, of course.

Ok guys, thus ends your torture. This is the best I had in me last night. I'll try and give you something a little more Steelers relevant later on. But as usual, I make no guarantees. Need I remind you, it is the bye week.

You guys got any FAQs that I didn't answer?


i'm a hot chick, and i'm into you cotter! no- really! said...


do you wear boxers or nut-huggers?

Or just go commando?

You're just too cute...giggle giggle, snort, giggle.

Cotter said...

Over the line.


And NO.

Get Fresh Designs said...

Why is there hand lotion in that picture?

Do you really drink all that beer?

Can I really sue someone if they call me a douche, you're going to lawyer school you should know.

Cotter said...

doug ~ Allow me to take these one by one...

Lotion - I have abnormally dry skin. I know no other reason for having that much lotion.

Beer - Negative. Only ROOT Beer.

Suing - Yes. In fact, I'm planning on suing you for just such an offense. Consider this your fair warning.

marc said...

That's not hand lotion, that's anal lube...


Cotter said...

Again, over the line. Inappropriate. And NO.

matt said...

Is that an authentic Casey Hampton?

Cotter said...

Replithentic. I'm not making lawyer bucks yet.