October 6, 2008

Fruitiest. Hat. Ever.

I've worn so many better hats than that hat.

I hope they pay you well to wear that nonsense, Matt. Because it makes you look like a complete dickbag.

That is all at this time.


Blake said...

It matches his favorite gum, Juicy Fruit.

funny ha-ha said...


Is that like a penis pouch? A pud pocket? A schlong sac?

Nicely illustrative.

marc said...

That is awful, completely terrible

Cotter said...

Dickbag as in, Scrotum.

The Legend of Vincent Tremblay said...

He knows it, too. Check out that look on his face. That just screams, "Don't the NFL and Reebok understand why Radioactive Snot Green is only used for narrow stripes on our uniforms? The stripes are bad enough on their own."

Cotter said...

vinny t ~ Worst part is the matching shoes, though.