October 6, 2008

Now THAT Was Urine Inducing...

[NOTE: This is NOT Cotter...in fact, it's Domski...but it's the only picture I had of someone peeing...thank god]
At one point during the first half of last night's game, I actually thought I was going to piss myself with excitement. Then, in the 4th quarter when Ben went over the 300 yard mark, I realized I had pissed myself. Yep, I made good on my promise. Sorry, no visual evidence. You can come smell my jeans if you want, though.

Anyways, hey guys, guess what? 4-1 going into the bye, no further significant injuries - except perhaps Bens shoulder...or hand...or knee...or liver...or confidence in the O-Line - and dude, Nate Washington was the leading receiver! Yeah, I can hardly believe it, myself. He actually caught the ball. 6 of 'em, no less! For 94 yards and a score. I think if you move quickly you might be able to catch hell freezing over.

That said, the majority of the 2nd half had me sweating like Oprah Winfrey in a room full of cupcakes. We looked SO GOOD in the 1st half and then we came out looking like something Bruce Arians drew up. But, as I've become accustomed to saying, a win is a win. Some parts were beautiful. Some parts looked like Domski's face. That is to say, the opposite of beautiful.

Either way, here's my weekly list, categorized by awesomeness or blowing goatishness...

Things That Were Awesome
1. Umm...Big [redacted] BEN!
2. Mewelde Moore got 99 yards? Yeah, no shit.
3. Master Dong's Jeff Reed's right tree trunk.
4. Beating Jagoffville for the 1st time since 2004!
5. Ok, and yeah, Nate FRIGGIN' Washington!!

Things That Were Not Awesome
1. I think the refs just called holding on us again this morning.
2. The pass interference call on Face Me Ike in the end zone.
3. Oh Nate, dude. Taunting? Really? Come on.
4. Before you start stroking the O-Line, Ben still got sacked 3 times.
5. Letting the play clock run out before you go for 2? Is this another one of your "creative" strategies, Arians?

Things That Blew Goats
1. Trai Essex - 1 play, 1 sack given up.
2. Rashean Mathis can die in a fire. Then wild animals can eat his face.
3. NOT the fact that the Titans rode old ass Kerry Collins' to victory!
4. Was I staring at David Garrard's calves at one point? Bush league.
5. Watching Marvel Smith ride the cart of impending lack of O-Line depth doom.

Other than all that, I can't say much more bad or good about that game, except that we won. Did I mention that we won? Maybe I didn't tell you guys, but we won. Yeah, that's right. And I'm not even mad that I'm going to lose in fantasy because TSW has Big Ben. Now that's sincerity, kids.

By the way, thanks to Tobiathan for rocking that liveblog something fierce! As always... And also a big thanks to Dan, Lon-Ton, Jimmy The Greek, Sheena Beaston, Jahine Arnold, Will Blackwell...and [not] Domski, for helping provide valuable color commentary. I think that was the best liveblog we've had yet!

And finally, thanks to Matt for providing the beats I listened to while composing this post. He's going to be spinning in Brooklyn this Friday, and I fully plan on making my presence felt. Anyone in the general Manhattan vicinity who wishes to come, give my inbox a shout - onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com. And good work, Matt. Though, it could definitely use a little Howard Tate. Sort it out, son.

PS - If you haven't already, go watch this week's pregame show. See, the beauty of it is that it's so dumb and irrelevant that you don't even have to watch it before the game. You could watch it on a Tuesday. In the rain. On a Thursday. Out on the plains. But, it will not eat green eggs and ham. So don't ask.

...BIG WIN, GUYS!!! We got a bye week to rest up, get healthy, bang strippers (if you're Jeff Reed) and come out ready to destroy the Bangles on October 19. Let's get the discussion started...


tobiathan said...


Thanks to everybody for taking part in the LiveBlog! It was like a party, except we were all in different places. Nice.


You know Tomlin reprimanded the media-types for dissin' the O-line *by saying that Ben often held the ball too long*?

I have a hard time processing that Tomlin would so openly bang on Ben like that. It's true, for sure, but it almost sounded like Tomlin doesn't like Ben. I dunno.

But he did say that. And i agree with him: the o-line would've been perfect if Ben hadn't tried for the Homestar Runner on every play...

Ben did a sweet job with the play clock tonight too. No more snapping the ball at the same point on every down. I'm very proud of him.

And Arians might not've been at fault on the two-point conversion: i *think* the refs were sposed to reset the play clock after the review of the TD in the both under 2 mins.

Or not- i'm sure one of OFTOT's encyclopedic geniuses can specificate on that postulationality.

Oh yeah-

Hey Cotter: did you know WE WON!?!


domski43 said...

live blog was lots of fun. thanks liveblog-a-than for steadying the ship.

as much as ben drives me crazy for holding on to the ball too long, it paid off on the last drive.

big ben has icewater in his veins. are we just getting use to/expecting him to bring the steelers down the field for game winning points? much respect to big ben for that gutsy performance.

unsung heroes:
1.) darnell stapleton
2.) chris hoke
3.) travis kirshke
4.) special teams

and a special thanks to the titans and cowboys for beating the ravens and bengals.

bye week couldnt come @ a better time.

Sheena Beaston said...

who is this Maticulous fellow? sounds smooth and super tasty. it's beaston approved.

Big Snack Silverback said...

The second half O was gastly until the game-winning drive. But if Hines Ward would have caught the touchdown pass in the first half it wouldn't have mattered. I am a little disappointed in him so far, even though he is getting some serious stats. Doesn't matter, though. We make the plays when we need to. I am utterly shocked with our 4-1 start. And if we beat the Bungles (which should be a foregone conclusion), we have momentum going into the toughest part of our schedule.

I don't know about beating the Giants or Cowboys, but we could be looking at a 10-win season! Al Michaels said we have the toughest schedule in 25 years of ANY team...so if that doesn't prepare us for the playoffs I don't know what will!

matt said...

I am super pleased with the way we played in the 1st, 2nd and 4th qtrs. I don't know if Ben was calling the shots w/ the no-huddle, but the play calling was outstanding...minus the 3rd qtr & Mathis, AGAIN. The right run calls, great screens - huge TD to Nate "not so hands of stone anymore" Washington. It felt like we should have been winning by a larger margin.

Sheena - I am the "maticulous" fellow. I appreciate the kind words.

Cotter - Howard Tate, wow! Completely random, I like it.

Sheena Beaston said...

Matt - here are some more kind words


OFTOT...bringing people together since...this morning

random asshole said...

Tobi, I don't know if you've noticed, but there seems to be a concerted team effort not to talk badly about the O-line. Ben hasn't said anything about them for the last two weeks but, a few weeks ago when the O-line actually did a good job, he spent the whole post-game interview praising the O-line.

Either way, we're 4-1, one and a half games ahead of Balti and currently have the tiebreaker over them. I don't think we could have asked for anything better at this point. And the losing streak against Jax is finally over. Finally.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Great win. Heroic effort. Ben. Mewelde. Wood. Silverback. Aaron Smith. Troy. On and on. Even the O-line, and dare I say it the schemes (Arians).

Oh, and Craig Wolfley (sideline reporter, radio network) said Santonio got hit in the nuts (bad), which is why we saw so much of Nate Washington last night.

Vern said...

Ben threw 41 times! I have an erection. I am officially part of Arians Nation.

domski43 said...

i loved the five wide receiver set w/ no running back...quick short passes, taking what the defense gives them.

i wasnt happy w/ the conservative play calling that eventually allowed the jags to come back after the steelers offense couldnt convert consecutive 1st downs. After a record setting first half through the air by ben why change things up? it worked either way, just sayin

marc said...

Our d looks great, the o looks ok. I like the increased throwing to Heath, and the tries to Spaeth. Playcalling was much better this game.

Also, I don't think the Jags Dline is as solid as it has been, especially two years ago.

tobiathan's glad for the bye week said...

Overall, i think we were all surprised to see our Steelers rise up against a decent team in Jax last nite. I hate to speak poorly of the departed, but The Chin didn't always have great success in the face of excessive injuries to starters. So- Tomlin/Arians/LeBeau did great stuff.

As far as the late-season schedule: I like to think that a lot of teams get off to fast starts, but struggle later on because they've had "too much" success early. W/our bad-ass schedule i think we'll be the best team in the league come December/January.

It's a good thing to KNOW that every, single game is a true test. No freebies to stumble on this year. And- we're getting by w/backups. When we get our #1's back later we will actually improve.

I'm a big Chris Hoke fan, BTW: we only went 15-1 the year he filled in for BigSnack. I wish we'd rotate them more when both are well...

Cotter said...

matt ~ That, or Deftones - "My Own Summer"

Cotter said...

PS - Sorry I suck at commenting this week (already). I hope to turn that around real quick.