October 8, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

Man, what did I do to deserve all this? That's two days in a row that people searching Google have found me by way of some pretty hilarious search terms.

To refresh your memory, yesterday it was, "plaxico burress rhodes scholar." Today - and don't adjust your monitor, you read that correctly - it's, "meeting black people is easy."

Because, you know, meeting white people is real tough? What would even compel someone to search on such a ridiculous phrase?

Amateurs, dude.

Perhaps you'll have better luck searching on these links...

WOW. Hahahahahaha...can't really put it any other way [PSAMP]

Vote Big Ben for FedEx Air Player of the Week [NFL.com]

And while you're at it, vote The Wood for Defensive Player of the Week [NFL.com]

Hasn't the league read about the wrath of Silverback? [PFT]

See, there are smart people in Jacksonville [St. Augustine Record]

For sarcastic commentary on last night's "town hall," don't turn to CNN or MSNBC. Just go to Deaspin (sift through comments) [Deadspin]


ladi izz said...

You can also vote for Tomlin as coach of the week.



/Can't do HTML. :(

Vern said...

I'd love to find out what people search for to find my website. How the hell do I do it?

Cotter said...

Web stats, my good man.

I use Statcounter. But a lot of people like Sitemeter.

Vern said...

I have Sitemeter. It either doesn't do the search results or I'm an idiot. Leannnning towards the latter.

Vern said...

Nevermind. Found it. I'm an idiot.

There goes the rest of my day.