September 16, 2008

Today In Responsible Reporting...

No. That is wrong. The Steelers are 2-0, and the Browns are 0-2.

Hey amNY, I noticed you didn't get the Giants or Jets records wrong.

What gives?

[Disclaimer: Yes, I know what at least one of you is going to say - this went to print before our game was finished. But in fact, this is from Tuesday's edition. Hence, the note at the bottom about the Eagles-Cowboys game.]

PS - Looks like it's just a sprain, no separation. Big Ben will ride again...I mean, forget I said know what I mean.


tecmo said...

Metro > amNY?

random asshole said...

Nah, the paper's right. Contrary to what the media pundits want to keep telling you, Cleveland doesn't count for shit. When a team has to spend a day in Cleveland, no one wins.

Cotter said...

tec ~ That's a time tested formula, actually.

random asshole ~ ZING! Welcome back, buddy. Where you been??

tobiathan said...

looks like they missed the entire Week 2 record for the North, except for Murdermore...?


random asshole said...

I guess I've been lurking the last week or two. And some combination of drinking, working, and trying to find a job. But at least there's football. Hell yeah, there's football.

Don't worry. I'll try to insert my witty repartee whenever appropriate, and obviously, by witty repartee, I mean "talking shit about everyone."

So stop asking so many fucking questions, ya nosy bastard. My absence is not the issue.

Cotter said...

tobiathan ~ I think they got Stinkinatti...0-2, right?

random asshole ~ +10 for covert Lebowski reference. You WOULD be the way - nice work losing to the Pats fan in fantasy this week. Way to defend our honor.

domski43 said...

i love that tomlin was pissed off and wants the head of the reporter who broke the false story about ben's shoulder.