September 10, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

"Debacle?" That's awesome, coming from the AP. Also, is that Braylon Edwards fraternizing with the enemy in that photo? Romeo Crennell better sort that out.

18 point loss to the Cowboys = CHAMPIONSHIP!

In other news...

Some Steelers fans need to respect the fine art of Canadian street musicians [PSAMP]

Waxing nostalgiac about the hallowed battlefield shithole, Municipal Stadium [Joey Porter's Pit Bulls]

Pittgirl has some fun with motivational posters [Burgh Blog]

I don't know about the Eagles, but The Immortal Silky Johnson is already sizing up the Cowgirls backfield [I Love It When A Plan Comes Together]

The Sports Hernia doesn't understand Raiders fans and neither do I...must be all that crystal meth [The Sports Hernia]

Did Obama steal his tagline from former Phillie, Dave Cash? []

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