September 16, 2008

It's Always Sunny In Filthadelphia...

Anyone who's ever come in contact with an Eagles fan knows that they're an excitable bunch (read: bunch of ex-cons). In general, they have very strong opinions, peppered with just the right amount of profanity and references to the movie, Rocky. Believe me, I went to college with them. Some of my best friends are Eagles fans (yes, I'm in therapy). They are an irrational people.

So poking them into a fit of rage sure ain't difficult. But it can be fun.

And being that it's Eagles week, I'd like to give you 10 things you can say that, in theory, should push a Birds fan over the line. You know, just in case the occasion ever presents itself [this weekend].

Let's begin...

2. Didn't Marky Mark play for the Eagles?
3. Should I get cheese or whiz?
4. Sports hernia? Whatever, McNabb's feelings were just hurt.
5. Hey, why's everybody booing?
6. Mike Mamula, what's he up to?
7. XXXIX, they won that one, right?
8. So, how many people do you think have been shot today?
9. Oh, so you're responsible for Mike Golic!
10. Go Cowboys!

Even still, for all their assholishness, they'll probably be good hosts this weekend. I'd bring a taser or some pepper spray just to be sure, though.

Yo, Adrian!

Thoughts, anyone?


tecmo said...

Mike Mamula...what's he doing with his life?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Sheesh, it's Philadelphia,who cares? Go in, kick ass, get out. That's all. Sometimes it's best to keep things simple.

tobiathan looks like owen schmitt. sorta. said...

Anybody else think Cotter and Skippy Reed look alike? Except, of course, for the buff part. And the kicks-field-goals-as-reliably-as-the-sun-rising part. And the getting chicks part.

But, they DO both *luuuvvvv* the beer....

tobiathan said...

Philthadelphia put up some points tonight. Shame they lost. I got the distinct impression that Brian Dawkins might be riding the wave of his reputation and has lost *more* than just a couple steps. He got burnt a few times.

And Dallas' TE Witten tore their safeties and LB's up. Which, hopefully, bodes well for Heath and Ben.

I'd still like to see Ben hit the weight room like D-Mac. If Ben was that buff he'd be totally unstoppable-er. -est, even.

Philly's O-line is pretty tuff tho.

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Talking about Santa gets our IRE too!

I need a day to reflect on last nights dissappointment, before I will be able to defend my teams honor.

matt said...

This will be my first experience at a game with philly fans...I got a dose of them in college but never in a stadium. So, pepper spray is a good idea?

Like I said before, if anyone else is going to the game, it'd be nice to meet up and have a beer in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have hit the nail on the head any more...I lived near Philly for about 3 years and prior to moving there I liked the Eagles (in a I feel sorry for their hard luck, PA pride, they're in the NFC so it doesn't matter very much, kinda way). But after living there and interacting with the people that you favor towards them faded.

However, I've since moved and other than this week, will root for them to lose to us in the Super Bowl.

Cotter said...

tec ~ Randall Cunningham, where's his face at?

jppb ~ Simple? You should know better. This is OFTOT...the only thing that's simple here is the mind of the man behind the posts.

tobia-whatever ~ Kidding aside, Philly is no slouch. Any team that can throw up 38 points in a loss warrants our attention. Still, they gave up 41 points, which as you said, bodes well for us.

I have to disagree with you on Big Ben hitting the weights harder, though. He and McNabb are actually [virtually] the same weight (240/241), but Ben's got 3 inches on McNabb. Plus, I'm pretty sure Ben's in peak physical condition already.

matt ~ I'm exaggerating...a little. Not sure if he's going or not, but you should try and meet up with Silky Johnson. He may be an Eagles fan, but he's one of the good guys. He can help shield you from some scorn...while at the same time drawing most of it for himself.

5goldenrings ~ Truth be told I actually root for the Eagles when we're not playing them. Why not? Like you said, PA pride.

But that's a recent thing. In college, whilst surrounded by them, I wanted to kill myself. I appreciate the enthusiasm. But for Christ's sake, there is such a thing as respect - for others and yourselves...nahmeen?

Big Snack Silverback said...

This going to be a VERY tough game for us. their o-line averages 330 so our pressure may be neutralized. I think we May sack McNabb 2 or 3 times, but not more than that.

Because we play zone, the opportunity for him to pick us apart is probable. I think we pull this one out, if we don't turn the ball over, 28-24. If we do turn the ball over (more than once) we will lose by 7.

I think our secondary is the key to this game. Westbrrok may get his 25 touches, but he will be held in check for the most part. He may score once and get 90 yards from scrimmage.

I think it comes down to play calling for the offense. If Ben gets in rhythm (and his shoulder is OK) we should edge this one out because Ben is a winner and McNabb doesn't know how to win.

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Being the resident Eagles fan, and regular on MPIE, I feel compelled to state the following. I resent your accusation that Donovan doesn't know how to win. Check the super bowl argument at the door. He's taken the eagles to multiple NFCl championships, and to one Super Bowl. That sounds like winning to me. He's won multiple divisional championships, in one of the toughest division in the NFL.
Besides, you just said that he could pick your defense apart, wouldn't that be in direct contradiction to his inability to win, as you claim.

Cotter said...

big snack silverback ~ Haha, I think you struck a nerve...anyways, I pretty much agree with all of your assessments (minus the McNabb winning thing...mostly because if I agreed, I'd have Silky Johnson calling to give me his dissertation on why McNabb is good...kidding).

I think we always have to be cognizant of turnovers (reference: Jax playoff game last year). And you're right about the zone issue. We're not used to seeing the Eagles type of offense, so it should be a good test for us. Plus, their offensive line...yeah.

silky ~ You're right, and I'm glad you're defending McNabb. If someone said the same or similar about Big Ben (which they have - eg, consistently ranked behind Carson Palmer and Tony Romo), I'd have the same reaction. I'm willing to bet if they were able to make it work with TO and brought in at least one other consistently solid receiver (maybe Curtis or Brown) they might have had something (not that they don't know...I know what you're going to say). So I would look at the front office first on that one.

But to be fair, he did lose last night. So today, he is a loser. Am I wrong?

Cotter said...

* know = now (eye hab bed tiping skillz)

tobiathan said...

Well, on the Ben+ weightroom issue: i tend to think that he'd suffer less if he was stronger. Tall people have a higher incidence of injury vs. shorter folks. Something to do with gravity's effect on longer limbs.

If Ben was in Brady Quinn/Donovan McNabb condition he'd be a lot less prone to the minor injuries he's dealt with already in his career. Bigger/stronger is never a bad thing. Provided, of course, he was professionally guided in order to avoid training injuries.

Philly is indeed no slouch. BUT- we will most likely take Westbrooj out of the game. He had some issues getting ahold of handoffs on Monday night; sure- they were attributed to McNabb as fumbles, but the fact is that Westbrook is *supposed* to be good enough to not contribute to fumbles. He obviously did not help on either fumble that day.

Also- Philly always brings a bigger effort to divisional games. They'll play the Giants/Cowboys/'Skins harder than other teams because of that. I just don't think they have the necessary strength in the WRs they'd need to put that kind of scoring up against our DBs. Cowboy DBs are pass-coverage guys, not necessarily the tacklers Steelers DBs are. And Roy Williams(who's arguably weak in coverage anyway) was absent on MNF, whereas Troy will be 100% for us on Sunday.

The combination of an exhaustive, excessive effort and the letdown of losing a high-scoring MNF game will take it's toll on Philly come Sunday. With Dick LeBeau's defensive schemes D-Mac won't get the luxury of pocket-passing he had against Dallas. I do worry about his running, but our LBs are certainly capable.

In the end it will fall on the LBer play to decide the Eagles game IMHO. Control McNabb's short passing game and run game and it'll be fairly simple matter of covering deep routes against bomb-passes. If Ike gets some glue for his fingers it could be another 2-3 pick day.

I call the score 31-23 Pittsburgh.

tobilostmydamnedpoweronsundayduquesnepwrsux said...

Is it Sunday yet?

Hope i get to see the *whole game* this week....

Big Snack Silverback said...

I am definitely a little nervous about this one, but if we get though we could be staring at 5-0 heading into the bye week. Silky, no offense intended, of course. My opinion is that Mcnabb is a great quarterback who is top tier, and that is undeniable. I was merely saying that if I had to choose between McNabb and Ben I would take Ben if it was merely an issue of winning the game...

K-Mart said...

I'm a Philly fan in every sport but football, and I have to say, you hit the nail on the head. Anything resembling intelligence goes away when Philly fans start discussing the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

so, who won?