August 4, 2008

New Apartment, New Rules...

Good 'morrow OFTOT friends, I'm sorry to say I have some unfortunate news for you.

This past weekend, I moved apartments. No, that's not the bad news (though it certainly could be). The bad news is that this post may be all I've got for you today.

You see, Cablevision-the blood sucking and useless leeches that they are-can't make it over to Casa Nuevo de Cotter until Tuesday afternoon to hook me back up to these here internets. Plus, I'm not going to lie, I'm still pretty beat from carrying couches and 30 packs. So I couldn't write a decent, full and insightful post for your potential amusement. As we speak, I'm hunting and pecking on this personal handcuff my company gave me, and frankly a man can only take so much of this thing.

Nevertheless, I'm hoping to get to something quick, later on today. So stay tuned. Until then, let's use the comments section to talk about our respective weekends.

PS - HUGE thanks to Tecmo for crossing the river to help cart my shit from point A to point B. He full ignored his hatred for moving (and New Jersey) in executing this plan. And it was, as it still is, very much appreciated. He definitely wasn't drinking though...

PPS - Second HUGE thanks to my Mom and Dad for coming to join the fun. My experiment to see how far I can push this pair of aging Baby Boomers is still going well.

Now, anyone going to the preseason game Friday night? Training Camp on Sunday?


tobiathan said...

If you did this post on a *Thumb-buster i give you full props, mi amigo. Personally, i hate texting. It's purely a curse on Mnaly-kind. The chicks seem to dig it though, for sure.

Anyway: it's pre-season!

Let the games begin!!!

tecmo said...

Moving sucks.

Moving a couch in the rain sucks.

The stairs going into your new place are like a ladder.

I'm absolutely exhausted.

Cotter's new place > Cotter's old place.

That should pretty much let everyone know where everything stands.

Marc said...

I helped a buddy move Thursday, it was HOT. Saturday I played 12 hrs of softball, that was pretty sweet but tiring.

When is the first preseason game?

THere is a decent chance I'm going to the Dallas game this year, pretty pumped.

domski43 said...

my weekend = the wife made me go to a party in new jersey and worked on a paper for masters class

Steelers play the Eagles Friday night (7:30) at Heinz field

Casey Hampton showed up to camp 40 POUNDS overweight!!! Ridiculous

Goin' w/ my parents and the wife to training camp this sunday...anyone else going to be around?

marc - i'm jealous about the cowboys game, maybe you can steal jessica simpson away from tony homo

Cotter said...

tobiathan ~ I don't really mind texting. But texting generally doesn't exceed like 200 characters, let alone several hundred words. Any more than one or two of these "mobile" posts could easily give me a case of the blackberry thumbs.

tec ~ Perfect summation of this weekend's festivities (or whatever you wanna call 'em). PS - Hearing my Dad refer to you as Tec all weekend was definitely the highlight for me.

marc ~ 12 hours of softball, dude? I hope that also meant 12 hours of cold, canned beer.

domski ~ Who do you think gained more weight - Casey Hampton this offseason or Me between Junior and Senior year when I lived in OCMD? Pizza Tugos, man!

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Cotter - You know that I abstained from Pizza Tugos for the duration of my time in Ocean City, and yet somehow managed to gain weight. Oh wait, That's right. I drink by body mass in Miller Lite for an entire week. Was Drew useful in helping you move, or did he provide comic relief as "Bobble Head Drew?"

Domski - I will be lying in bed eating ice cream, while watching Kevin Kolb pick apart your secondary secondary.

Thank god football is back.

Christy said...

I went to training camp this past Sunday. Afterwards, we stopped at Chili's to eat, and Troy was there with his wife. He was at a table next to us! Didn't want to disturb his dinner, but after he left, we ran outside to get a picture of us together. James Harrison was there as well...

Cotter said...

christy ~ Seriously? Send me a copy of that picture and ill post it up!

Bad news is you missed me and Tecmo by a weekend. We're going to camp this Sunday, sad face.

Sounds like it was fun though!

Christy said...

Yup....after camp was over, the staff announced that it was family day for the players, so they might not be signing autographs (although the scrubs ended up signing, that was about it)...I was pretty bummed out about that, but this more than made up for it. I said in my previous post that I didn't want to disturb his dinner, but the reality of the situation is that I was snapping pics on my phone while he was eating...hehe...Harrison was at the opposite end of the restaurant by the door and slipped out before I could ask him.