August 1, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

Good morning Steeler brethren!

Today's a fine day to get to know some of OFTOT's most vocal and prominent voices, wouldn't you say?

Drumroll please...

This week's expert panel is as follows:
1. Dan Gigler ~ Kind of a big deal at Post-Gazette's Blog 'n' Gold
2. The Starter Wife ~ An HDTV made all the difference
3. Tobiathan ~ Not dead, contrary to popular belief
4. Silky Johnson ~ Ask him how the weather is
5. Marc ~ The Bishop
6. Notgomu ~ Probably can't even read this right now
7. Random Asshole ~ Avatar says it all
8. Domski ~ OFTOT Editor-At-Large

As usual, if you're having any trouble reading the ridiculousness below, click to enlarge...

Nice little Friday, huh?


TheStarterWife said...

Dammit. I almost said "Law & Order", but I didn't want anyone to think I couldn't pry myself away from TNT from time to time.

Marc said...


Cotter said...

tsw ~ It's ok, I probably would've said Man vs. Wild...which of course would imply that I am a gigantic nerd.

marc ~ Guess I should've swapped your avatar with Notgomu's, huh? Avatar selection FAIL!

domski43 said...

i'd like to change my answer to the secret to happiness.....i completely agree w/ Random Asshole, midget porn makes everyone happy

random asshole said...

I call FAIL on anyone who claimed alcohol (or a related term) is the secret to happiness. I think we're all aware that there's nothing secret about it.

Cotter said...

Secret to happiness FAIL!

tobiathan said...

Hmmm.highly unflattering Schmitt pic, buddy ;-/....looks like that guy "Corky" from that TV show: a little "special.

But maybe closer to the truth than i wanna accept. Not my best MPIE venture, for sure. I know for a fact my answers have been better in the past.

At least everybody else had good