July 31, 2008

Are You SERIOUS???

"All I remember is that the first play was a disaster."

- Paul Ernster (new Steelers Punter)
So, let me be the first to say - I have the utmost confidence in Paul Ernster. I mean, it seems like he's pretty much the next Steelers Pro Bowler. And certainly the quote above just confirmed that for me, as it should have for you.

What? Not convinced?

Not surprising. Because in case you couldn't tell, sarcasm was pretty thick...

So let me get this straight, first Troy Polamalu and Chris Kemoeatu. Then, Daniel Sepulveda. Now Limas Speed Sweed?

Come ON.

Just to update you all - it's day three of training camp. All of the aforementioned parties are not practicing (though Sweed may be today, we shall see). And right now I'm sharpening the knives to slit my wrists...but at least there must be some Doctor in Latrobe getting quite rich right now...

Really though, I AM slightly serious about this injury thing. I mean, I know the only real concern right now is Sepulveda's leg (really, it's more like Sepulveda's replacement's leg, but who's counting). And after only three days of training camp, I guess it could be worse. We could be the Redskins. But still, let's just keep ourselves conscious of the reality. Certainly doesn't bode well for a team that wasn't exactly the picture of health last season.

Does it really worry me though? Well, no. Not particularly. For as much as I make light of things here at OFTOT, I don't actually think any of the injuries are going to prevent us from achieving success this season. But then again, when you play teams like Indy, San Diego, and of course, New England, good field position is key. Not to beat a dead horse, but you get the idea.

In other news...
1. Can you believe it's Ben's FIFTH season??? Our boy is growing up...I think I'm gonna cry...talk amongst yourselves. Here, I'll give you a topic - Brett Favre wants to come out of retirement...OK, discuss.

2. Willie Colon "set" at RT? Then what the hell was that transition tag for? Jesus. I just don't get it. Oh, also, LeCharles Bentley? What?

3. Ryan Clark appears to be "back." While Clark definitely doesn't seem like a permanent complement to Troy, I have to think it's going to help us to have a consistently serviceable yin to Troy's yang.

4. The Browns still think Shaun Rodgers is the answer. No further comment necessary.

5. Keisel may see some action on "Special" Teams this season. I might actually advocate this if our alternatives, should he get injured, didn't include 33-year-old Travis Kirschke, 28 year-old Nick Eason, and 24 year-old Ryan McBean.

Anything you guys particularly want to discuss? Any of this strike you as alarming? Interesting? Anything you're not hearing about that you're wondering about? And are any of you going to be in Latrobe next Saturday?

Two words - Beer. Bong.


tobiathan, mr. inconsistency said...

I'm still alive, for the record. Just unpleasantly preoccupied for a couple weeks. All OK now, blogmaster!

Miss me?

terbayithann said...

Maybe the rash of injuries is actually gamesmanship by Tomlin. I used to firmly believe that Cowher routinely overstated the degree and number of injuries to throw opponents off.

If Tomlin is doing something like that it might make sense: overstating all injuries, implying that key players are hurt or out of shape. Makes it that much harder for opponents to scout training camps. Notice that only veterans are hurt so far...

I have no doubt people are hurt. But if it was me, i'd keep most of my key guys out of preactice during such public displays as training camp.

Maybe i'm just being optimistic. I just don't have the gut feeling there's really anything to worry about. I wouldn't be shocked if Sepulveda's ACL magically healed sooner than later. I hope so, anyway.

And WTF is gonna be done about that paper-thin D-line?


dopplebiathan said...

Is Tomlin a long, lost brother of TV's "House"'s Mekhi Phifer?

Marc said...

I don't know, we need a good draft for depth for the next few years. Our line depth is awful, we just seem to keep drafting guys who suck (McBean, Nua) for the D-line.

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Bentley here, give him a chance at being useful. He was an AllPro, so he has the talent, but can his body hold up?

domski43 said...

I would welcome Bentley w/ open arms.

The Steelers definitely need to keep a close eye on the waiver wire for backup guards as well as defensive linemen.

Cotter said...

tobiathan ~ Holy multiple comments Batman. Good to know you're back, we definitely missed your colorful commentary...

marc ~ I actually agree on Bentley. I just thought it was interesting that it was even brought up. If he's in shape, buy low and maybe he'll even be a better option than Hartwig. I just worry about his health. I mean, he was cut by the Browns...who need I remind you, signed Ricardo Colclough last season after we waived him. Just saying.

domski ~ You said it, man. Current backup Guards = Sean Mahan and dudes from the practice squad. Confident?