July 7, 2008

This Picture Will Never Get Old...

Well, I hope your weekends were all as ridiculous as mine.

Without getting into too much detail, let's just say I was in Killadelphia Philadelphia for a whole 24 hours (and didn't get mugged once), and upon my return to the Garden State, played Rock Band for a cumulative 10 hours over two days. Whilst obviously not drinking any alcoholic beverages of any kind. Never. Certainly not via a beer bong...

Anyway, I'm sure you didn't come here to read about my foolish exploits. So I'll get right to the point.

I was thinking yesterday - What of Anthony Smith? Two years ago, he looked like the heir apparent to the starting Free Safety position. Now, many might say, not so much.

Has our confidence in The Prophet been so shaken over a so-called "guarantee?" Has that one embarrassing performance made us think he isn't the long term starter?

Then, of course there's the flip side. In the limited duty he's seen he's been pretty solid. I mean he hasn't been the second coming of Carnell Lake. But he's been a good, aggressive tackler and a steady set of hands (unlike some other Pittsburgh DBs who shall remain nameless...).

So now that Ryan Clark is coming back from the spleenectomy, and Tyrone Carter is still hanging around, have the Steelers thought about where Anthony Smith fits in? Is he still the next starter at FS? Will he learn from his youthful transgression? And most importantly - Will he please guarantee that some really hot blond will want to make out with Cotter? Wait, his guarantee didn't work out so well, did it?


Oh, and here's a rundown of what you missed this weekend while you were consuming 64 Nathan's Hot Dogs and serving as a shining reminder that America is home of the free, home of the brave, and of course, home of the massive coronary...

And finally, for the record, this picture will never get old either...

Cot-ter, end communication.


domski43 said...

i'm not sure if i've seen enough of ryan clark to immediately want him to be the starter. as cotter said, anthony smith has shown the ability to create turnovers not only w/ his hands, but by laying the wood, hence the nickname "The Sandman." If Smith learns not to bite on play action and do his job while Polamalu does his thing, I think the Steelers safeties could be one of the top tandems in the league.

Either way its not a bad thing to have either Clark, Smith, or Carter in your bullpen.

Marc said...

I think that Smith needs to mature and not bite all the time. He has the talent to make the ints and the agressiveness to force fumbles, he just has to realize that he doesn't have to kill everyone and has to make the easy play on occasion.
Clark is solid but won't make any spectacular plays. He won't miss many tackles, but your FF and INTs will drop quickly.
Carter is like 5'8" and old, he's a good fill in but I don't want to see him too much.
Ideally Smith will mature and be a playmaker, but if we have Clark back there it will also not be the end of the world.

marc said...

I couldn't imagine that lady. Elephants?? Really you dumb broad? That has to be a $10 question.

Cotter said...

Yeah, I mean my take is - out of the three (Clark, Smith, Carter), Smith is probably the most talented. I have my reservations about Clark given that injury (though I generally like him), and clearly Carter is nothing more than a solid backup. But Smith shows a lot of energy and look, we all love a guy who hits hard. Plus, he can catch, which is a nice bonus.

In terms of starter this season, I'm torn. I'd like to say Anthony Smith gets the nod. But Clark is technically the incumbent. I guess like just every other question we have right now, we'll have to wait until training camp to see.

...And I would have definitely phoned a friend on that one...errr...not.

terbiafin said...

You mean the Steelers DIDN'T dratf Owen Scmitt?!?


Oh- yeah. That Clark guy is pretty good, but the illness/injury to the spleen is pretty debilitating. Might take a couple years to fully recover. I did like the fact that Clark rarely made mistakes tho.

Anthony S. needs to settle down. If he can play as smart as he does hard he will definitely be a great addition to the defensive backfield. And he shouldsa just plowed Moss early and often in the New Stinkland game.

Anyhoo- Carter is a good backup to have, but i'd rather see us with a more CB-like player back there with the way the passing game is shaping up in the league lately.