July 17, 2008

Bill Cowher Hates Brett Farve 4 Life...

While searching these here interwebs I came across an awfully interesting article. What made it interesting is that it talked about the possibility that former head coach/head chin in charge, Bill Cowher, might have been influenced to step down because the Steelers ownership was going to change hands outside the Rooney family. I guess this is what happens when there is no news besides Brett Farve choosing which Wrangler jeans to wear or how many painkillers he is going to take with his beer...d-bag!


In one extremely remote scenario, I can see the possibility of Cowher leaving because of the current Rooney situation. But even if Bill knew this was going to happen, why would this influence him to retire? Just doesn't make sense. If you can think of a scenario to support this story, please help a brother out and throw up a comment.

Now, in other Steelers news - more details are surfacing about the drama that surrounds the Steelers ownership situation. I find it very interesting that possible future owner/gazillionare, Stanley Druckenmiller, doesn't just want minority ownership, he wants a majority stake or nothing at all. (Just because I don't want to keep typing Druckenmiller, lets call him D-Money, okay?) D-Money ONLY wants to be the majority owner. D-Money has also stated that he wants to keep Dan and Art Rooney II in charge.

So lets summarize, D-Money doesn't want just a little piece of the Steelers pie, he wants the whole damn thing. Enough to be called the "owner," but yet wants to keep the Rooneys in charge.

My questions to you...
1) Do you trust D-Money when he says he wants to be the majority owner and keep Dan and Art in charge?
2) Why does D-Money insist on being the majority owner of the Steelers, instead of just owning a smaller percentage of the team?
3) If he's so concerned about the Steelers, and keeping the Rooneys in charge, why won't he just help Dan Rooney buy enough shares to maintain majority ownership?
4) How do you see this ownership squabble turning out?
5) Will having a new owner effect the traditional way the Steelers do business?

Domski's personal rant........and go!
Just so no one gets upset about the d-bag comment, I'm just sick of this Brett Farve story. For the past five years, Farve has been toying with retirement and seems to never be able to make up his mind. After setting the all time interception record, he calls it quits this offseason, they enshrine his locker at Lambeau field, throw a parade for him, I have to watch a month of television dedicated to "The Legendary Brett Farve" on NFL Network, and the world moves on without him. Then, he decides he DOES want to come back. Brett definitely has the right to change his mind, but this certifies him an authentic drama queen. I can't wait for training camp to start!!

P.S. Feel free to use the comment section to discuss training camp dates or Steelers home games for a One For The Other Thumb get together/beer bong fest.


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Dan and Art have conspired with D-Money to acquire the majority share of team. D-Money will purchase the shares, and then turn around and sell them to Dan and Art.

The Chief said...

No matter which way you slice it... this stinks.

I still like my idea... which no one seems to be jumping on. It's not the fans owning a share - it's the idea of collecting the money to help the Rooney's capture enough capital.