July 29, 2008

He Just Doesn't Want to Mess Up His Hair...

"When there's an injury like this, it's always best to take the safe route because it's a very long season. If you continue to re-injure it this early, there's no telling how bad it could really get. So, if there's any down time that's good, it's right now."

- Troy Polamalu
Alright, you guys wanna talk about Troy's injury? Let's talk about Troy's injury. I mean, farbeit from me to try and write about something more humorous, yet less relevant to Steelers football (like I might normally do)...

First of all, it's completely unrelated to his injury last season. That was some sort of a sternum thing (ribs?) if I remember correctly. This is just a pulled hammy. Hell, I pulled a hammy humping Kristin Bell playing Rock Band the other night. In fact, one time, I pulled a hammy just by being awesome. So let's call it what it is - nothing. At least in the context of a finely tuned, professional athletic machine.

Second of all, to be honest, Troy looked pretty shitty last season (using a relative comparison, that is). After firmly emerging as the defensive backfield's stud in years 2004 - 2006 ('03 doesn't count), dude spent the better part of 2007 either writhing on the sidelines or underachieving on the field. Now, I'm no Doctor. I'm not even a nurse (though I do know how to properly administer mouth-to-mouth on a beautiful woman). But that sounds to me like a guy who needs some rest and rehabilitation.

So Troy's on the PUP list for the beginning of training camp. Good. I'd rather him sit through ALL of camp if it means he'll be 100% Polamalu come September.

Of course, the ideal sitch, at least in my mind, is for Troy to observe the first week, then try and at least do some drills on his own thereafter. And once he's comfortable, put on the pads and engage in a little light "how you doin' Willie Reid"'s.

No sense in pushing the man. Am I wrong?

Besides, he's probably just trying to sneak off to see Dark Knight anyhow.

Oh, and I particularly enjoyed when he described his trainer-of-choice, Marv Marinovich's routine as "very awesome." That comment was "very sophisticated." USC, what a very quality edumacation. Nahmeen?

So, what do you guys think? Worried? Disappointed? Satisfied? Hungry? Do you now think differently about Marv Marinovich's "very awesome" workout regimen? Will Polamalu return to form this year?

Let's discuss in the comments. Yes, that means you.

PS - Someone please send this post to Deadspin. I'm drowning here.


random asshole said...

I pulled a hammy last night before I went to sleep. Though I guess, in my case, it would be "pulling a random hammy." Or did I "randomly pull a hammy?"

Fuck, it's too early to get this philosophical. Either way, I agree with you, Cotter; let him set until opening day if that means he's going to be ready to rock then. I don't think Troy is one of those people who you actually need to worry about staying in shape in the offseason.

tecmo said...

Yeah, no problem with having him sit. He's proved that he's a stud when healthy.

And jeez, Photoshop is creepy

domski43 said...

I agree w/ Random A-Hole and Tecmo, let Troy heal completely until letting him loose. This will allow the competition between Anthony Smith, Tyrone Carter, Ryan Clark, and Ryan Mundy to play out as well.