June 5, 2008

This Is What I Am Doing At Work Right Now...

I'm not going to lie...........it hurts.

The Penguins brought the house and challenged the team that was best in the NHL all year long. No one will ever forget the heart the Pens showed game 5 in Detroit.

No excuses, the Red Wings got the job done.

The Penguins didn't score a goal until the 3rd game against Detroit.

Proud of the Penguins for an amazing season that ended just inches of continuing into overtime, in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

A bright future with youth all over the ice for the Pens.

In perspective, the Penguins lost in 5 to the Ottawa Senators last year in the first round of the playoffs. This year the Penguins waltzed through the Eastern Conference playoffs and came within inches of sending game 6 into another overtime.

Experience is no longer a question for the youngest captain of all time, and the Pens showcased countless heroes that will surround him for years to come.

Much respect to the Penguins fans who showed what the Iron City is all about, by showing the Red Wings players the respect they deserve when they hoisted the Stanley Cup.

Even through all this heartbreak I have to say that I am proud to be from Pittsburgh. The most livable city is a sports town with great teams and great people.

New stadium for the Penguins is on the horizon (gambling/hockey = championship!)

The countdown to Steelers football has officially begun.

I wish the Steelers played the Lions this year.


marc said...

Good season Pens. Detroit outplayed us, but good series. Steeler season is almost upon us.

Aaroin in Detroit said...

Come on Cotter, did you really think they were going to beat the Wings? Was a good series, but the end result was never in question. The better team won.

Cotter said...

marc ~ Yep, but hey - they had a great season for such a young team. Now that they have the experience, next year's a whole new chapter to write...

aaron ~ Thanks for the commen! I didn't write this one [post]. Domski did. But for the record, I'm a Mighty Ducks fan (kidding).