June 5, 2008

That's Just Troy Being Troy...

As I'm sure you all well know by now, Troy Polamalu is not at Steelers OTAs this year. Rather, he's out in California training with Marv Marinovich - famed father of two troubled sons (Todd and Mikhail), and purveyor of this crazy holisticness.

Needless to say, there are some who question the effectiveness of letting a player train on his own, in an unorthodox fashion, with Marv Marinovich. Count Trib writer John Harris in that camp.

On Saturday, Harris wrote an interesting article asking the question...

"If the Steelers are so comfortable with Polamalu missing OTAs to train on his own because they are only voluntary workouts, why bother having OTAs at all? Why not permit players to train on their own?"
The same day, Fanhouse's Michael David Smith then posted a reply that can be summed up in one line (taken directly from the post)...
"The Steelers are not comfortable with all their players working out on their own because not every player is Troy Polamalu.
I pretty much fall into the Michael David Smith camp, with one important caveat - not every player has Troy Polamalu's motivation.

Yes, a large part of the Steelers accepting Polamalu's unorthodox methods is his superior ability. Just as a large part of the Steelers treatment of James Harrison was his superior ability (kidding...sort of). But even more importantly to me is that he is clearly powered by a notably stronger internal drive than most. He and the Energizer Bunny have that in common. Hence, he'll get the same or better out of whatever workout regimen he feels is best for him.

So to answer the question Harris poses - it certainly would NOT be beneficial in my mind for all of the Steelers to do their own thing. Some players, rookies in particular, need a structured workout. Or at least I would think (though I'm obviously not drawing from any personal experience on this one). They either haven't been at the pro level long enough, or haven't been strict enough with themselves to establish a routine that will prepare them for the grueling five to six months between late July and late December to late January (in our case, hopefully the latter). Not to mention the fact that working out on one's own can never help establish chemistry with one's team.

Nevertheless, for Polamalu, his independent training should afford him the same benefits as OTAs might for others. He certainly needs no work at his position. And no matter what workout he's maintained he's always been a beast. So I wonder, why would anyone rather he do something he has decided doesn't feel right?

Of course, OTAs are, as Harris says, "voluntary." So really, why all this discussion?

You guys have any thoughts on this? Anyone know anything further about this Marv Marinovich what-have-you? Where do you align - with Harris or Smith (and me)?

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Marc said...

I agree with Smith, it's Troy, he can be trusted to workout on his own. The rookies need the reps and the rest haven't proven themselves to be All-Pros/motivated enough. I hope this helps Troy stay healthier this year.

domski43 said...

Would you rather have an unhappy Troy Polamalu complaining about the workout routines and gatorade?


Would you like to have a Polamalu that is motivated and believes in his own style of training (which he used in college)?

Like Cotter said, these workouts are voluntary.

If Tomlin trusts Troy, I trust Troy. He better stay healthy this year.

Cotter said...

Let's put it this way - this is the ONLY thing I had in the queue for today. And look how it turned out. What's the lesson here? June sucks for Steeler news...

tecmo said...

Still, its a good opinion, Cotter. If this was, I don't know, an unproven guy like Timmons, I'd be a little pissed. Double standard, maybe. But you can get granted these privileges by showing up during the season the way Troy does.

Oh, and have you seen video of his sportslab workouts? http://psamp.blogspot.com/2008/05/troy-polamalu-likes-to-jump.html

Because I pimp my own site like its my job, I guess.

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