June 25, 2008

Put Your Thinking Caps On...

The [current] Steelers are staying out of the news, which is a good thing. That is, it gives us a whole lot of nothing to talk about today.

Nevertheless, do not take the dearth of late June to mean that OFTOT will put it on cruise control. Oh no, 'tis the season for...speculation! And since in the last 24 hours no [former] Steelers admitted to having done steroids, I just see no other possible option.

Below are three (in honor of Jeff Reed) discussion points for you all to sink your teeth into today. Embrace them. Learn to love them. Caress them ever so gently...

Errr...moving right along...

#1 ~ Aaron Smith's Bicep
Last year, Smith went down week 14, leaving his side of the D-Line to the triumvirate of Kirschke, Eascon and McBean. And while none of them showed flashes of greatness, none of them were epic failures either. This season, Aaron Smith might go down week 3. Then what?

#2 ~ "Special" Teams
Last year, "Special" Teams went down week 1, leaving the Steelers opponents with unacceptably good field position. And while they never, at any point...ever, showed flashes of greatness, maybe they were just underperforming? This season, fire Bob Ligashesky?

#3 ~ Ben's Fluffer Backup QB
Last year, Chuck Batch was Chuck Batch, as he has been for a few years now. And while he's been an exceptionally good backup, he's going to be 34 in December. Having a good, serviceable backup QB in this league is becoming almost as necessary as having a good, serviceable #2 RB. Yet, the Steelers grabbed Jared Zabransky via free agency, and tabled Dennis Dixon via this year's draft. When was the last time the Steelers brought in a QB through either of those means who didn't make the team?

Soooooooo...that's - Smith's Bicep, "Special" Teams, Fluffers Backup QB - What say you?


marc said...

Bradshaw came out today and said he wasn't using anabolics. The steriods he used were basically naproxin or a high powered IBProfin.

Aaron Smith hopefully will be fine, I am slightly worried about the D=line as a whole, but they should be fine, I just wish we had some depth.
Special teams I think will improve with the two LBs we drafted, Harrison playing more (hopefully) and a year under the regime. The backups should be fine, I'm excited to see Dixon, is he going to be ready for preseason though? The thing that I am most concerned about is the schedule. We have a brutal ass schedule, playoffs will be tough to make. I am excited as hell for the season though.

I was at the Pirates game last night and it was the coolest atmosphere for a Pirate game, reminded me of a Steelers game a little (not that intense but closer than I've seen)

domski43 said...

I'm not really sure how long it takes for a torn bicep to return to normal strength or what the chances are of re-injuring it. Its fair to say that Hampton and Smith hold down the defensive line, while I'm still not completely sold on Kiesel.

Ligashesky should be on the chopping block if special teams do not improve this year. Almost every game the Steelers lost or almost lost last year had in some part to do with special teams. Kicking away from the other team's return men last year was embarrassing and came back to bite the Steelers versus the Jags in the playoffs. Sort this shit out!

I have the same question as Marc, is Dixon healthy? Maybe the Steelers will use the statue of liberty play w/ Zabransky, who knows. Batch is a great backup and is content in Pittsburgh, but he is getting a little long in the tooth. I cant wait to see these other guys in the preseason.