June 24, 2008

Bradshaw Sparks More Than Just Controversy...

Perhaps you've heard this one already. But umm, apparently Terry Bradshaw, 4-time Super Bowl winning QB and current Fox NFL puppet analyst, admitted last Thursday that he did steroids back in the 70s. How that admission went unnoticed until yesterday is beyond me...

Anyways, I have yet to listen to the interview myself. But apparently Bradshaw's stance on 'roids was the equivalent of...

"Guys in high school did steroids all the time. It was no big deal."
Though his literal statement was...
"We did steroids to get away the aches and the speed of healing...My use of steroids from a doctor was to speed up injury, and thought nothing of it...It was to speed up the healing process, that was it. It wasn't to get bigger and stronger and faster."
Fine, I'll accept that. As much as I'd heard about the heyday Steelers and their supposed penchant for Barry Bonds Cocktails performance enhancing drugs, I still didn't believe it. Now, I guess I have no other choice.

However, what I'd really like to talk about this morning is - Pats fans. Wait, wait. Come back. Let me explain...

Not JUST Pats fans, but rather this Pats-Steelers fan bitterness that has developed over which team "cheated worse" in winning all their Super Bowls (their debate, not mine).

The classic example of this was over at PSAMP back in December. Tec and I went what seemed like 13 rounds with an anonymous Pats fan (because, you know, that's how they roll) over the whole Spygate thing. And aside from misinterpreting a rule and trying to pull a Jedi Mind Trick, the only other argument this brilliant mind could offer was...
"But, your self-righteous comments about drug use and how you would point this out regarding the Steelers are nonsense. The Pittsburgh Steelers are FAMOUS for having used steroids during their championship runs of the 1970's. Several Steelers have died prematurely because of that use. Even now, NFL steroid investigations focus on Doctors from the Pittsburgh area who were known to supply the Steelers in the past."
(see 3:27 PM comment)
Needless to say this one ended with this rational Pats fan accepting the superior arguments of us level-headed Steelers homers fans...

NOT! It ended with both Tec and I realizing there was nothing to fight. We were making well reasoned arguments relating to actual, currently relevant, facts. And this dude was just trying to keep the argument going, sans any real direction. So we resolved ourselves to the affirmation that Patriots fans are irrational, illogical and misguided souls. And we called it a day...

Given that exchange, I wasn't exactly surprised to see that at least one Pats fan had already cleverly related the recent Bradshaw bomb back to this Steelers-Pats conflict. Check out comment #3 over at Fanhouse's post on the subject...
"Bradshaw's comments are what all Stealers' fans who rip the Patriots should read. The 1970's Pittsburgh Stealers are known for being the first team to heavily use steroids. They won four Super Bowls during those years. Should they give them back or call them tainted, as some Stealers fans and NFL fans say the Patriots should do? No team is perfect, as these comments by Bradshaw 30 years after the fact testify to."
Stealers. How cute. I get it. Like the real team name, but spelled like the word meaning to take something unlawfully. Nice.

Anyways, I'm not really sure where I'm taking this post.

I actually see what they're saying - everyone's calling the Pats cheaters for supposedly videotaping all these opponents, but yet no one seems to care about the Steelers drug use in the 70s. But I also see that during the 70s, there was no rule against players using steroids. So technically the Steelers didn't "cheat," per se...

I guess what I'm really trying to say is - in both cases, what's done is done. Let's just all get over it and enjoy the impending football season. Besides, if Pats fans want to continue to be a bunch of d-bags - well, that's just like, their opinion, man.

Anyone have a perspective on the legendary Steelers dynasty doing steroids? Hard to believe? Easy to believe? Does this provide any context for what the Pats did? Is Tom Brady also on drugs?

PS - Lest ye think I'm ignoring the comments, I'm not. For some reason I'm having issues commenting on my own blog. Always the mark of a professionally run operation. Google - what a bunch of amateurs dude. I'll bet this type of thing would never happen at Deadspin.

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Christy said...

Eh, there were other NFL players who took steroids back then too, it wasn't just the Steelers. They just haven't admitted it for whatever reason. It doesn't bother me a bit.

Cotter said...

I pretty much agree. I mean I don't think it is cool for anyone to take steroids. But back then they weren't illegal and as you said - they were probably rampant. So that probably means it put Bradshaw and compnay on a level playing field with the rest of the NFL and they still dominated.

As for this post, upon further reflection, I'm kind of sorry I even bothered. Kind of over it. Oh well, such is the off season.

Good discussion yesterday, though.

domski43 said...

Steroids were legal back then and taping the other team's coordinators/signals was clearly stated as illegal...hence the name cheatriots!

The Unavoidable reali-T said...

I gotta go with the rest on this one:

Cheating, and has always been, clearly against the rules of ALL sports. Period. To try to rationalize it is simply illogical, immoral, unfounded, and plainly the action of a stoopid, moronic re-tahd from Baastan who pawks his cah in da gahraaajj.

FTP= Fuck The Patricheats :-)

Their coach openly admitted cheating. He even said he was sorry for it. The league said it too, although the good "Comish" simply patted Bellicose Bill on the buttock and stroked his big-matket cack in response while sweeping the whole issue under the rug.

On the other hand, our beloved Steelers DID NOT break any rules. Period. Remember Lyle Alzado? Ever heard Howie Long talk about that era? EVERYBODY was using steroids. Everybody. And it was OK, becuase there was no rule against it. Period.

I'm very sorry that Cheatriot fans have to know, eternally, that everyone who knows football knows that those three SB "wins" were barely "won" by a cheating staff and organization(and probably some of the players too). It must be painful to go from Joke-of-the-league to Shame-of-the-game as the Patrithieves have. All those years of horrible suckitude must have been awful. It's no wonder these fans, inexperienced at victory and success, can't contain themselves in light of ANY degree of success(however humiliatingly tainted).

The only reason the Boston Spygates ever got their hands on a Lombardi Trophy was because the league got tired of seeing such a potentially huge fan-base go unexploited. I'm sure Cheatriot merch sales grew exponentially after those SB "wins".

Just remembering everything after the "Tom Brady Tuck Rule" makes the truth of it all far too obvious to ignore.

Pittsburgh puts a football team in the AFC Chapionship game about every third year for the last thirty years. NE gets six years of tainted sucess and now their fans are somehow convinced of the perfection of there team?

Does delusion hurt? Or is it just painfully embarrassing?

PS- What happened in the Big Game last year? Too many critical eyes to steal another SB?

Piss off Prats fans. Come see us in another 25 years or so(provided the Steelers don't pull down a few more Championships in the meantime)

Stay classy, New England!

reali-t said...


I forgot your beloved asterick-

NE Patriots*

*= admitted cheating over the course of seven year run of apparent success. First team ever to lose a first round pick. Coach admitted to cheating, apologized. Promised not to do it anymore and Cmmsr. believed him.