May 29, 2008

No Man, Not Swede. S-W-E-E-D...

Alright, let's be honest - approximately no one is going to read this post today. I recognize what I'm up against here. I'm a realist. So let's just get it out of the way now...Go Pens!!

Nevertheless, I really AM going to try and come up with something to entertain you this morning. What might that be, you ask? Take a wild guess...Yep, oddly enough, the most blog-worthy "reporting" I can come up with is - Limas Sweed.

In addition to being a 2nd round steal and having one of the most unique names in recent Pittsburgh history, apparently he's also been particularly impressive at the Steelers OTAs. Of course, I had to read a Browns report to get this inside information. Which certainly presents a whole host of questions. But I imagine the Pittsburgh media have their hands pretty much full with that whole Stanley Cup business right I'll let it slide...this time...

Anyhow, not only has Sweed impressed Steelers Offensive Coordinator (and whipping boy) Bruce Arians, but he's also made quite an impression on fellow receivers San Antonio Santonio Holmes and Nate "Hotrod" Washington.

Holmes had this to say about Sweed -

"We can get somebody that's as physical as he is to come in and bring a different threat to the program...Being a big guy and very explosive, it's going to help us a whole lot...If I can stretch the field, we can have Hines in the middle and we have another guy who can also work the middle with Hines and take hits and be physical in the middle. It'll help us with the tight ends and all."
While Nate The Butterfingered Wonder Great said -
"If we're in the game at the same time, they can't just double me going deep, because Limas will be back there somewhere. If there's a bailout situation, you can just throw it up to him."
Now I just want to point out that if I were an opposing defense, I'm pretty sure Nate Washington would NOT be the first guy I'd double. But I see his point.

Basically the verdict sounds a lot like this - a big, fast receiver, who is but one more threat in an Offense that featured an uncharacteristically fruitful passing game in '07 just makes it all that more difficult to defend everyone...and I kind of feel like we've said this before...good thing I'm too lazy/strapped for time to go back and check.

So, as long as one of his 99 Problems ain't a bitch (See Cedrick Wilson and/or Santonio Holmes), we should be good...

Normally, here's where I'd ask you all what you think about Sweed. But since I'm sure you're preoccupied with the chase for Lord Stanley's Cup today, I'm more than willing to make the comments section of this post a forum for discussing last night's game and Saturday's upcoming Game 4...either way - have at it, friends!

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domski43 said...

I really hope sweed can make an immediate impact. Its very rare that a rookie wide receiver makes a big splash their first year in the nfl. But, with all the weapons on the Steelers offense Limas will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of favorable matchups (cough cough Cleveland Browns secondary cough). Hopefully he can develop into a giant redzone target for Ben.

How many times did the Penguins hit the post last night? Both teams had plenty of opportunities to score, but I'm glad the Pens finally looked back to form. I'm just waiting for Malkin/Hossa to have a break out scoring game.

tecmo said...

Swede? There's actually a Swedish chick at this Pens bar near Union Sq that I go to.

Oh, and domski, Hossa scores next game. I'll throw it in a post to cement it, but you heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

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tobiathan's "thing" said...

Cotter, why are you telling people about yer "thing"? And who the hell is Bernard n. shull?

And what's he got to do with your "thing"?

Sounds a lil' freaky to me....