May 23, 2008

The Browns Are Now A Defensive Juggernaut!

Thanks to the NFL Network's "NFL Replay," last night I was able to re-watch the Browns vs. Steelers round two from the 2007 season. What a great way to win the 9th straight game against our "bitter rival." Watching Big Ben run the ball for 30 yards to score that touchdown put a giant smile on my face...

By now, we all know the Browns have become media darlings after posting a 10-6 record last year, yet falling short of the playoffs. But really most of this attention is because the Browns have retooled their Defensive Line by adding Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams, and welcomed another weapon to their "vaunted" Offense, signing Donte' Stallworth. What's more, Donte' was signed to a 7 year deal...and I'm still scratching my head. Do the Browns see something in Stallworth that the Eagles and Patriots didn't see after the one year he spent on each club? Can someone explain this to me?...I mean seven years!?!

Anyway, the Browns finished the 2007 season ranked 30th in total defense. (Did you notice who was #1?) Rogers and Williams, on paper, look like solutions to the Browns' inability to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. The only question mark about Williams is his ability to transition from a 4-3 defense to Cleveland's version of the 3-4. And Shaun Rogers has shown flashes of brilliance in Detriot (as brilliant as anyone could be in Detriot that is), but has been known to get lazy and take plays off. To get Rogers the Browns had to give up a third round draft pick and starting Cornerback Leigh Bodden.

Additions aside, the Bodden deal will really hurt Cleveland's defense. And just to make matters worse, Cornerback Daven Holly recently sustained what could be a season-ending injury. Not to mention last week they cut backup Cornerback Kenny Wright, who was arrested on drug charges. So this leaves the Browns' defensive backfield, to put it diplomatically, depleted. There have been talks about reaching out for big name free agent Cornerbacks like Ty Law and Lito Sheppard, but the massive amount of spending by the Browns this year will make these signings very difficult to pull off.

To add insult to injury, Tight End Kellen Winslow Jr. is nowhere to be found during the Browns' voluntary workouts. After one productive season, Winslow is demanding a new contract with help from super-agent, Drew Rosenhaus. He's also "rehabbing" an injury in his hometown of San Diego. After being the 6th overall pick in 2004, Winslow broke his fibula - year one, pulled a Big Ben (read: motorcycle injury) - year two, and finally had a Pro Bowl caliber year in 2007. Oh, and he's also known for his big mouth.

Thanks to a commenter in the link above, Kellen has been spotted hanging out in a nightclub. If you want to see the picture go to this on media, then confidential, the picture is under the date 4-16-08 Wednesday-picture 66. (I know its a lot of work, but looks like some serious rehab...LOL!). The only person in the picture that is cool is the guy with the Pirates hat on. The girls aren't too bad as well, good for you Kellen.

Finally, did I mention that this is Willie McGinest's last season?

I'm sorry you had to read about the Browns, but I love being the bearer of bad news. Now, it's your turn. What do you think about all this? Will the Browns win the AFC North, as many have predicted? Will Rogers and Williams solve all of the Browns' defensive problems? Does anyone have any memories of other Steelers vs. Browns games? (I was there for the 42-0 debacle in Cleveland a few years back...CLASSIC!)

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


Cotter said...

Nice work man, I particularly liked the part where you called out the Soulja...

Oh and they allegedly signed Terry Cousin this morning...Championship!

Kidding. In case you couldn't tell from the uber-sarcasm...

marc said...

I think the Browns D-line is scary with Shaun Rodgers if he can get his (huge) ass in gear.
Their secondary is awful, but who the hell did NE have when they had Crennell?
I think they'll be beatable, but they'll be formidable on offense with that line. Also, what are they going to do with LaCharles Bentley if he returns?
I am excited to see how Ben picks them apart with Hines, Santonio and Sweed.

Christy said...

I will seriously puke my guys out if the Browns beat us this year. Will somebody hold my hand during the game? Pretty please?

Oh, and I recently switched old boss was a Browns fan, and now my new boss is a Patriots fan! Eeeeek! And to think I actually live in Pittsburgh! How/why do they let these degenerates into our fair city??

Cotter said...

Christy ~ I don't know how or why they get into the 'Burgh, but I'd address the issue with Mayor Ravenstahl. I mean, Specter's got spygate, give the Mayor a hand, here.

Oh, and speaking of...I'm a great hand holder. Just saying.