March 26, 2008

Pittsburgh Is Now 243 Pounds of LB Lighter...

Well I'm sure you've all heard from every major media outlet by now that Clark Haggans has agreed to a one year deal with who else but the Arizona Steelers Cardinals. What? You haven't? You mean this isn't top news on ESPN right now? Get the hell out of here!

Ah yes, well anyways - Haggans has indeed found a new home with some familiar faces out west. Good for him, and good for us, as this makes plenty of room for our promising young LB Lamarr Woodley to really step up and shine next season...provided he actually wins the job in camp (I place his chances somewhere at around 98.75%).

So peace out Clark, enjoy the Arizona sun. But I wouldn't count on another Super Bowl ring anytime soon.

This just goes to show you - beggars can't be choosers.

What say you Steeler fans? Sad day? Good day? Wish him luck? Find any significance in the fact that the only two teams to court him were Cleveland and Arizona?

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Marc said...

I'm actually really suprised he only got interest from those two teams, he wasn't awful at any point last year, and he's been better than Porter was his last year or two. He wasn't an impact player but a solid player. I liked Haggans, but I'm glad he's gone, Woodley could be a complete stud.

domski43 said...

Woodley isnt the only one that needs to step up....lets remember we used
Timmons as our first round pick last excuses this year Lawrence!!! STOP F***ING AROUND!!! We need the young lbs to step up and make an immediate impact. When you play linebacker and wear the black and gold you better bring it.

Cotter said...

Yeah I mean all kidding aside, I like to pick on guys (Haggans, ahem ahem) but he wasn't exactly terrible. Just wasn't exactly what Lamarr Woodley could have been (if given the opportunity) and hopefully will be in the future.

As for Timmons...yeah, I don't wanna hear about any ridiculous groin injuries this summer. Get in camp, get hungry and bring that 1st round talent to the table. I have a feeling he's listening...

Anonymous said...

I love how you act like you own these players- First of all, I love how quickly you forget what a great player he was for the Steelers how well he did his job-He clearly has tons of talent and can't wait for him to shine instead of rotting in Pittsburgh with sorry fans like you.

Cotter said...

Anonymous - I can't wait for him to shine in Arizona either. Glad you're excited.

Nothing against him or you (as a presumed Cardinals fan), but my aim here is to entertain...and sometimes in order to do so I have to exaggerate things a bit. If you read my comment above, you'd see - I acknowledge that I'm giving him a worse rap than he probably deserves. But it's all in jest.

I don't own anyone, not even myself. Nor do I pretend to.

Thanks for dropping by.

The Chief said...

You know, even if Tomlin wasn't the right choice (still only one year - we'll see) - but this is proof that Whisenhunt would have been the wrong choice...

What the hell kind of way is that to run a football team? 'oooh, I won't try to build anything, I'll just watch the waiver wire and see who's no longer a Steeler!' Seriously, I can understand a Jerume Tuman or two every now and again but... Tuman, Sean Morey, Haggans... I know he's familiar with them but Jesus!


domski43 said...

Anonymous.....why did it take so long for someone to sign Haggans? And a 1 year contract? Whiz must have lots of faith in the guy.

Personally, i have nothing against the Cardinals, but "rotting in Pittsburgh" better take a history lesson on steelers' linebackers. I'm pretty sure Haggans is not going to be the next Mike Vrabel...maybe more like Chad Brown/Joey Porter

Anonymous said...

To the Cardinal fan - Haggans is mediocre. Just like the Cardinals recently became. Therefore, he is a perfect fit for your team. Good luck!

tobiathan said...

I don't think that was a Crads fan above. I think it was actually ol' Clark hisself. Methinks we hurt his tender feelings.

Mebbe he oughtta change his name to Sally Haggans?

If yer from the 'Burgh you'll know why that name sounds funny, like "Sally Higgins"...

Yinz rawk, n'at!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

I liked Clark Haggans, and I wish him luck. That's not inconsistent, however, with wishing for improvement at the position.

Haggans is a solid pro, who should continue to do an okay job for the Cardinals. At times, he stepped up his game at Big Moments, and the biggest for him was definitely Super Bowl XL. He had an absolutely monster game. He tortured the Seahawks' overmatched journeyman right tackle.

Thanks for everything, Clark.

Now, Lamarr, it's your turn to shine, and we have every expectation that you will.