February 21, 2008

"Transition" Tag, Huh?...That's Fitting...

Image of no real significance. It just makes Cotter laugh...
Well, the Steelers finally showed some sign that they actually care about protecting Big Ben - by bestowing the much-sought-after "transition" tag on Max Starks. Yep, everybody else is franchising. We are transitioning...draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, this seems like a step in the right direction. Starks certainly hasn't been a pro bowl caliber Right Tackle over the past couple years, but he sure wrecked shit up as a Left Tackle this season when Marvell Smith went down.

I believe I've mentioned this before on OFTOT. But it is my firm belief that this is the right move. Let Faneca go. He's already got one foot out the door. Not to mention he's 31, with his "best years" behind him... Starks on the other hand, has not been so irreversibly offended (at least not by the front office). AND in case you forgot - he's both young and a mountain of a human being...or 26, 6'8" and 338 pounds, however you prefer to qualify it.

So then, that's all well and good. But what the hell is a "transition" tag?

I'm still not entirely sure. But for all intents and purposes - I hear it means that the team will have to match any offer made to Starks in free agency, and should they retain him after said period has expired - they will have to pay him the average of what the top 10 highest paid Offensive Lineman were paid last season, or approximately $6.9 million.

Here's to hoping no one tenders Starks an offer he can't refuse...

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