February 19, 2008

Have No Fear...

...For the Steelers have re-signed free agent DE Travis Kirschke.

So if Aaron Smith ever goes down again, at least we know we've got one guy who we can rotate to fill the gap...now if only we could find a successor, and/or solid fill in...

Nonetheless, welcome back Travis. Here's to likely finishing your career as a Steeler (he's 33 and we signed him for two more years).

No, no, it's Kirschke. Not Chris Hoke...

PS - meanwhile, the Ravens franchised LB Terrell Suggs, the Chiefs franchised DE Jared Allen, and the Bengals franchised LG Stacy Andrews.

Steelers Sign Kirschke to Two Year Deal [Post-Gazette]
Steelers Re-Sign DT Travis Kirschke [Tribune-Review]
Steelers DE Kirschke Agrees to New Contract [ESPN]

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Tobiathan said...

Justin Smith from Sytinkinnati is still unrestricted. He'd be one helluva a kick=ass rotation-man and could play all the DL positions well. That and trading up to get Chris Long(Howie's boy!) to play the Keisel-backer position and we'd have the most devastating DL in the NFL!

And, of course, trade for Matt Jones from Jax.

As i think about our season i'm starting to think that the fact that our pass-rush sucked caused us to get behind early and often, and put our O-line in a bad position too often for them to have a shot.

If we got the guys above and a decent backup RB we could contend i think.