February 7, 2008


"Alright gentlemen, we got the shot!"
First off, I want you all to know that contrary to what the paucity of postings on OFTOT might suggest, I am not dead. I am very much alive and very much missing bullshitting with you all. Things are a little nutso right now for me. So I'm going to lay a few thoughts down here about this past Sunday then hopefully you all will jump in and add your opinions.

Super Bowl XLII -- I could not have asked for a better game. And not just because the Patriots lost in the biggest game of the year and I got to watch Patriots "fans" cry. I mean, that was fun...But, Tom Brady was sacked five times? Eli Manning was a hero? The Patriots only scored 14 points? Plaxico Burress played hurt? That game was chock full of drama, and I frankly enjoyed every minute of it. Or it could easily have been the open bar Domski and I drank that night (yes we pretty much drank the whole bar...or at least I did)...either way.

This game just made me feel a little better about the world. To know that despite the fact that the Patriots had been just about "crowned" weeks ago, the golden rule still rang true - that "any given Sunday..." Thank you New York Giants for finally shutting New England up (err...down, whichever way you want to look at it).

Let us all remember the Patriots for only one thing -- not being able to close the deal...even though they talked more shit about playing 'til the end than I've ever heard in one season...seriously.

So now, let's have it. Was that or was that not one of the most satisfying games in recent years? Do you think the Giants are still sacking Tom Brady right now? What would Tiki Barber do?

Oh, and in case you're wondering, now that it's over - I plan to monitor the renewed Spygate scandal closer than I do the Presidential primaries. Go Arlen Specter!

Ballhype: hype it up!


Anonymous said...

Today is Thursday and I'm still reveling in it. This was the next best thing to the Steelers winning the Superbowl. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing an Eli Manning Fathead.

Big Snack said...

HAHA you lazy bastard Cotter...lol

This sunday was crazy, we were drinking ahrns in Dayton (had to visit my weak ass brother in college)...Plus I won 500 bucks from my bookie (if I'd have lost, I'd be hanging upsidedown from a bridge right now)...

Anyway, I'm glad the shit talkin, cheatin bastards got what they deserved

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Hell yeah that was an awesome Super Bowl. It has restored my faith in the old adage, "Cheaters never prosper!"

the Patriots get a solid "F -" in being perfect!

Cotter said...

anon ~ I'd go for a Justin Tuck personally. Get more bang for your buck...he's a big dude.

snack ~ Were you really surprised at my slothness? Come on man, you know better...PS - at least if you had to be in Ohio, you drank Ahrns. A+ effort.

silky ~ Good handle. Too bad I know who you really are. Mwahahahahaha...Anyways, yeah, F- for sure. They also get an F- in being gracious losers. Amateurs, dude.

mr o'malley said...

I am so glad that a New York team finally beat a team from New England. This is the " Reverse of the Curse" from 2004. For what Bill did at the Meadowlands during the first game of the season, this is the ultimate F-You Bill.

tobiathan said...

I truly was losing faith in the Nfl. It was starting to look like another in a long series of fixed farces which have become so standard in pro sports lately.

On the other hand, in the back of my mind i wondered all year if somehow, maybe karmically, the Prats weren't being set up for a huge letdown. Losing that SB wouldn't have been nearly as humiliating if they'd not been "udefeated" prior to it.

And I'm a bona-fide Eli Manning believer now. I had my doubts about him since the whole draft day thing. Now, i think he might just end up upstaging his brother in the long run. The tortoise and the hare n'at...

And God bless Arlen Specter! It's about somebody started asking questions about that whole episode. I mean, it took almost a decade for the big-wigs in DC to start noticing that NE was constantly "just barely" winning close games. Or that they ALWAYS seemed to know EXACTLY what play to run, or who to throw it to, or who was getting the ball on EVERY big down? For seven frikkin' years?

Come on! Who wins three SB's in four years at in the final minutes of each game and by a total of three points? No effin' body who ain't cheating. That's who.

The Steelers don't have to win the SB every year. In fact, i like seeing other teams have magical seasons. But i never, ever want to see one franchise win so often, in such close margins, and under such questionable circumstances as the trash in NE.

They have consistently lowered the standards of American culture long enough.

Once any professional sports team is caught cheating they ougfht to be forced to forfeit not only that game but any hopes of post-season play in the same season. And be fully, rigourously and openly investigated.

Belichump should have been banned from the league the moment he admitted cheating. Period.

Not that i hate the Cheatriots or anything...muwhahaha.

Nice game, losers! Now everybody will remember how you couldn't win the biggest game in the history of the NFL!!!!!!!