December 5, 2007

This Post Is Teeming With Excitement...

"It is awesome. I get the feeling I used to get when we used to prepare for the Rams when they were 'The Greatest Show on Turf' or when we had to prepare for Minnesota when I first broke in and they had Cris Carter and Randy Moss. You love those games. If you are a competitor, you do. I believe we have a bunch of competitors here."

- Mike Tomlin
Hey friends, still a slow news day at OFTOT. I've actually got work to do (weird) and to be honest, as foreshadowed on Monday, it's already been a rough week.

Nevertheless, I do have some fun news items for you all to peruse and share among friends. Check 'em out with the accompanying irreverent, unnecessary sarcasm below...Yes I apologize, I have nothing better right sue me.

Fun Links and shit:
  • First things first - Najeh reporting for duty...sorry Verron

  • Speaking of injuries - I don't know about you, but I'll be praying these three make a triumphant return on Sunday...

  • How can I take an LA sports writer's thoughts on Sundays game with any degree of credibility when they don't even have pro football in LA? And don't even try and feed me USC...

  • Ladies and gentleman, Neal Coolong has found the leak...

  • And Tec at PSAMP has found the Steelers 1st potential cheerleader candidate...

  • Brian Billick hearts Rodney Harrison...If I didn't know any better I'd say he premeditated that.

  • Is this even a question? (see #5)

  • Gene Collier is gushing optimism in advance of Sunday's game...errr...
Now aren't you glad you read all that? Do you feel smarter? Because I know you are...IE - in the future, someone please send me news to fill the Wednesday gap. Honestly, I don't think any of us can take another week of this list of links crap.

Ballhype: hype it up!


tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Wow. I make fun of a Patriots fan in my writer's block post of the day, and you post a picture of a Steelers fan who remarkably resembles the Pats fan (cheap ski gloves and all). However, the Iron City can makes the Steelers fan that much better.

Cotter said...

Iron City hat = super bad ass

domski43 said...

i know i can out drink tom brady

domski43 said...

he probably drinks wine tho

domski43 said...

tobiathan, you drinking for this game?? time to jump back on the wagon

cotter, we all know you aint drinking

anyone else drinking?


Tobiathan said...

Unfortunately, Doms, Tobiathan is retired from the Booze Crew. I drank enough in the nineties to float a Didn't quit, just stopped.

New England was CAUGHT CHEATING AND ADMITTED IT. But they'll still be allowed to play. Never thought i'd see the day. They shouldn't be ALLOWED into post-season this year IMHO. Good enough to fine, good enough to ban/suspend i say.

Seriously though- i've just been inspired(in all the wrong ways of course) by the words and position of my Arch-Nemesis, that Great Apologist for the No-justice Football League Mr. Mike (effin') Peirera(sp?), "head" of Officiating.

He just did the most amazing tap-dance regarding the officiating in the end of Baltimore's BS loss to the New Gods Of Professional Football. It sickened and saddened me in equal amounts. I just can't stand much more double-speak from the NFL. Don't we see enough of that crap in politics?

So according to VP Mike, the officials made the right call on the Gaffney "TD" at the end. Never mind that the guy never made a football move, or had anything resembling clear-cut control on the ball, or even got both feet in bounds as he juggled it. He's a Patricheat, Tom Terrific threw it to him, and it didn't hit the ground. Good enough, i guess. If that'd been Ben-to-Hines it would've been incomplete. Betcha a million...

Never thought i'd say this but it's true enough:

I feel bad for Balti. They got robbed. Kyle Boller even played pretty well.

Eww. That felt dirty coming out of my mouth. Ick.

As to our Steelers- I firmly believe we're looking at 10-3 after Sunday. I'm getting a distinct feeling that the Cheatriots are starting to buy into their own hype, despite the fact that they've struggled 3 of the last four weeks. By rights they *should* have lost these last two.

I give Brady credit: he is a good QB. Even great on certain levels. I'm a little suspicious as to how he seems to be able to find the most wide-open receiver on every single pass-play but the throws are money. No amount of cheating can change that. On the other hand, Tommy-boy is kinda soft, and will miss those throws AND lose his cool if he gets hit hard and often. Anybody else see him *screaming* at refs??

However, i don't believe that that O-line is as godly as it's been presented to be. They've let Tommy get smashed a few times lately and the line doesn't look quite as crisp as they did early in the season. NE has no running game, they are just allowed to hold on most run plays where other teams get penalized. Same for pass plays. If you watch the left tackle closely this week on NFLReplay he'll hold 2 out of three pass plays. But it's OK for THEM to do it. It IS Tom Brady they're protecting!

Pew Stinkland's defense is getting slow. Sure, they've had a few explosive moments the last few weeks, but overall they're steadily getting beaten in the run game and their deep pass game is wide-open. They should PRAY Santonio, Hines and Ben don't get hot on them. The tables could turn fast in that case and Cheatriots might be crying about us running up scores...wouldn't THAT be orgasmic?!?

Truly i smell a win on Sunday. It seems like our Steelers have a lot to prove, mostly to themselves. I'm proud of them already, but this would be a sweet, sweet W.

Willie needs to be more patient. He hasn't had the best surfaces the last couple weeks, or the lead-blocking he's been accustomed to. But he still needs to take more time allowing the line to develop blocks, and do a better job following those pulling guards. Let the big boys do the hard work, Willie!

And Willie also should stop looking for homeruns on every running down. Especially this week. If he can gouge out four- and five-yarders on demand it will keep our O-line in rhythm and their D-line off-balance. Sure, if you see a hole, break it open bro...but don't force it.


Ben should do fine as long as he doesn't try too hard too soon. I like the short-pass game against NE early, with easy runs opening up the play-action. NE doesn't have much speed in it's secondary outside of Samuel, and none of their D-backs are big hitters except Harrison. Luckily, Harrison is aging and slower than his prime. He's also prone to cramping/strains late in games this year. He missing his steroids?

And i wonder who else on that team 'roids? Most of them? Who administers those tests? Surely not the Cheatriots themselves!!??

Defensively i'd like to see more of Keisel standing up and moving around. Aaron and Casey are plenty strong and quick enough to confound the line, and it would be even better with a regular rotation to keep our guys fresh on the longer drives.

If Haggans can play more aggressively this week it might fre up Silverback...

Speaking of Silveback, i get the feeling he's gonna come up big on Sunday. He's been solid but hasn't had the kind of day i think he's been hoping for since the MNFer. I'm looking for him to crack Brady a few times.

Woodley has looked good in limited play. I'm not sure what his status is but maybe he and Timmons would add some good, fresh legs to the pass rush?

I'm liking what i've seen of Carter. Anybody know Try's status this week?

It's a shame about Verron. I honestly think he woulda been a big help on 3d downs. But maybe Duce Davenport will surprise us and ctually hit somebody with that big body of his??

If you ask me i'll tell you that this is a bigger matchup than the Colts game for Pew Stinkland. Our Steelers are stronger, meaner, more experienced and better-rated than the Clots were.

Even if we happen to lose i will be very happy as long as we go in there and bruise those turds up. A good case of whoop-ass will make them nervous about mereting us in post-season play.

In fact, i'd almost be inclined to play a limited range of plays and stick to physicality and will-power this week in order to prevent giving their coaches too good a look at us. I'm a big believer in the old Army adage:

K.I.S.S. Principle- Keep It Simple, Stupid

Deep down inside i think the Patricheats know they could very well lose this game. If our guys go in cool, keep to themselves, maintain composure and play as hard as they're capable of i think we score a W.

Go Stillers. Beat the Cheats. And the refs.

This is the biggest game all year(barring post-season, Football Gods-willing)

PS- Hey Ben: remember, that car that almost killed you had MASSACHUSSETTS plates!!!

PSS- And the NFL "conveniently" DESTROYED ALL EVIDENCE only five days into it's "investigation" of the New Cheatland organization. Maybe because they didn't want to have to return 3 SB rings?????

Cotter said...

I'll be drinking some hatorade...allllrrrriiiiggggghhhhhttt

And I believe Tom Brady's weapon of choice is a Kettle One Cosmopolitan garnished with two maraschino cherries...