November 20, 2007

Get Your Boot Ready - It's Joey Porter Week, Bitches...

"If you talk and lose, you're still losers."
- J Peezy
That was Joey Porter last November, in reference to the Steelers Week 11 square off with the Cleveland Browns and his favorite Tight End Wide Receiver, Kellen Winslow Jr. But things have changed for Joey just slightly between then and now. So with a bittersweet reunion at Heinz Field just 6 days away, where's Joey Porter at right now?

After committing a 5-year, $32 million dollar highway robbery this past March and starting the 2007-2008 season with his new team 0-10, Porter has reached a low point I'm willing to bet he never thought he'd reach. Articulating this with true Joey Porter bluntness, last week the former Steeler Pro Bowler said -
"I'd do anything for a victory right now...That's where I'm at."
Now, to me, these words don't just echo Joey Porter's frustration with his new team. They also underscore a bit of a scary prospect...Mainly that this game against the Dolphins, just like the recent Jets embarrassment, is a potential trap game. Simply put - Teams with nothing to lose and 10 weeks of frustrating losses are hungry, and not to be taken lightly.

Yes, the Steelers will be facing either a rookie QB in John Beck or a middle of the pack 4th year guy in Cleo Lemon. And yes, the Dolphins are sans one monster running back in Ronnie Brown. And yes, they did use their 1st round pick on receiver Ted Ginn Jr., a move poo-poo'd by just about everyone this side of Hong Kong including yours truly. But all you need is one play maker to step up, and last time I checked the Dolphins still have one of the best in Jason Taylor, who easily could be that guy. He's registered a team high 5 sacks this season, and let me just ask you this - Jason Taylor vs. Willie Colon and/or Kendall Simmons, who do you like in that match up? **

Anyways, I'll save the meat of my Dolphins preview for later in the week.

For now, let's just say I for one, am relatively interested in Joey Porter's upcoming return. The man who once told us all he had "something to say" to President George W. Bush has always entertained me, and it will actually be nice to see his face again. That is, provided I don't see it too often in the backfield...I like ya' Joey, but I don't like ya' that much...

In the spirit of this post, I ask you Steeler fans -- what's your fondest memory of J Pizzle?

Howard Dean Impression [Youtube]

** CORRECTION - Taylor will be rushing Marvell Smith and Alan Faneca. However, J Peezy will be rushing Colon and Simmons so not much relief...

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Anonymous said...

Fondest memories of many....

During the Bungles game, saying to their fans "I'm tired of kicking ya'lls asses"

In the locker before the AFC Championship game against Denver, saying "They shot me in Denver!"

Calling Winslow a fag.

I miss his big mouth sometimes.

ncoolong said...

I'm not sure if it's my fondest memory necessarily, but the one I thought of first when I read this post.

It's 6:10 a.m. right now, I'm not going to look up which game this was, but the one against Cleveland when he and William Green got in a pre-game fight. I had just showed up at the bar, and I hadn't even sat down yet when I heard Jim Nantz announce that Porter had been ejected. I just laughed.

Peezy is the kind of guy who always made his fans in Pittsburgh just sort of shake their heads and smile, thinking, "what a dumbass."

If we were to make a category of NFL players (well, at least up until this year) whom you most love if he's on your team, but absolutely hate if he isn't, Peez would be near the top of the list, along with T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Matt Hasselbeck.

Those guys are on my list, anyway.

domski43 said...

I second what anonymous' memory about being shot in denver after the playoff game against the colts. Joey is out of his mind, but I will always remember how well he played during the super bowl run.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

As volatile and crazy as he is and always has been, Joey Porter every once in a while would make perfectly complete and utter sense. Perhaps my favorite memory is of his play during the Super Bowl run and, more specifically, this: Remember during the break between the AFC Championship win over Denver and the Super Bowl? How he was trying so hard to keep a low profile and stay relatively calm? It seemed so uncharacteristic and lasted all of, what, three days. Then Jeramy Stevens' comments about Jerome Bettis hit the media, and Porter could contain himself no longer. He just exploded. Porter called out Stevens, he ranted, and kept ranting. To me, that ramped up the tone for the entire team and defined Stevens and the Seahawks as much as it did Porter and the Steelers. And, of course, Stevens dropped three or four passes in the Super Bowl. That was Joey Porter: Defending a teamate, asserting Steeler pride and calling out a fraud of an opponent, all at once, and then backing it up on the field (usually).

That, and the Pit Bulls that killed a horse.

Cotter said...

Dude, thank you! That's the one I was waiting for...

Joey (hand measuring high)
Jeramy (hand measuring low)
Joey (hand measuring high again)
Jeramy (hand measuring low again)

Like Coolong said, he might have been an asshole but he was our asshole...

Jason said...

It has been said a bunch, but my favorite Joey moment is his play during the 2005 playoffs. He was a big part of why the team won, especially by being a leader.

Tobiathan said...


"They SHOT me in Denver!"

Just before the AFC Championship. Frikkin' perfect. Awesome. One for the ages. His entire life lead to that moment.

He was truly the spirit of the defense in that playoff run.

PS- On that list of guys you'd love to have....i like TJ Howshmanzily too. I'd love it if we signed him. He's made Ocho Stinko look good for a long time. Won't happen, just sayin'...

fellasheowed said...

this isn't a specific jpeezy moment...too many classics, but this could be the topper...
steeler fans with or without tickets surround the dolphins busses on the way into heinz a few hundred yards out...
the crowd shouts
who walk? you walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who walk? you walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just hike on three...

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

One more, and this was at the beginning of his career with the Steelers, when hardly anybody knew who he was or what he was all about: Game against the Browns, in which Porter played like, well, a violent, demon-possessed Joey Porter ... all over the field on special teams and in situational defense. The Steelers won, of course. Afterwards , a Browns fan weighed in on a Steelers message board and wrote, "That Porter dude, #55, isn't he still on parole? What work-release program did he come from?"

Kind of made me proud.

Cotter said...

Haha, good one!

Let the record also show that Peezy's Wikipedia entry has an entire section devoted to "Controversies".

Among those listed:
- Porter was fined every game for wearing yellow gloves with the Steelers. Even though they are the team's color, the league still does not allow his yellow gloves to be worn.

- Porter was voted as the second-dirtiest player in the NFL in a 2006 players' poll (Receiving 6% of the votes)

- Porter is known to bare his belly and taunt other teams during warm-ups, as in the Green altercation.

I highly recommend reading them...brings back many memories.

Cotter said...

Oh yeah, and classic Peezy quote of the day:

"The whole world wanted Indy to win so bad, they were going to do whatever they had to do. I mean, look at the O.J. trial"

Said after Troy's "interception" in the 2005 Indy Playoff game.