October 5, 2007

You Are The Ones Who Are The Ball Lickers!

Well, though we've seen reports that Mike Holmgren is "past" the Seahawks Super Bowl loss to our Steelers 2 short years ago, Seattle fans have not taken kindly to Pittsburgh's response. Seems we've jabbed the so-called "12th Man" a little too roughly this time...

First off, let me just get this out of the way - aw, poor Seattle, you lost a Super Bowl...we all feel for you.

Ok, there. NOW, all due respect to Seattle - and listen, it ain't easy losing a Super Bowl, it hurts - I'd suggest you focus on rooting your team on as they try to get back into a position from which they could contend for a ring. Quit living in the past and focus on the future. Any Steelers fan, player, executive, coach or otherwise who makes any declaration like Casey Hampton's statement - "They can be mad all they want to, we still got the ring" - is 100% entitled to do so. When you win one, I'm sure you'll prance around showing it off in every Starbucks from one end of town to the other. And that will then be YOUR rite.

It's like the interweb, for example. I write this blog entry. Chances are within the next 48 hours some Seahawks fan is going to get wise to it and come leave me a less than pleasant comment (see comments on D.C.Steeler Nation post - link below). When this happens, I have two options: 1. Cry because somebody out there thinks I'm a dick or 2. Chalk it up to being one person's opinion conveyed from behind a computer screen where I can't get them. Which is more constructive?


So listen, we'll put all that behind us and focus on Sunday's game. 'Cause here in Steeler Nation, we want a win to get back on track. More on that later...for now read the links below to figure out what the hell I'm talking about...

Seahawks Fans Are Ferocious And Numerous [D.C. Steeler Nation]
Casey Hampton: "We've got a ring. They can be mad all they want to, we still got the ring." [Seahawks Blog]

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