October 5, 2007

Ok, So I Lied...

Didn't exactly lie, but when I reported yesterday that Hines Ward MIGHT play on Sunday, I guess I meant just that - MIGHT. Unfortunately, all signs right now point to him sitting this one out. So it will be up to Santonio Holmes to shoulder the burden that is our passing game.

Cedric Wilson was non-existent last week (did he even put pads on?), Nate Washington couldn't catch a cold, and Ben wasn't exactly making the best throwing decisions. So hopefully those problems will also get corrected this week. One can only hope. And for the record, the Seahawks defense is ranked 20th against the pass, giving up an average of around 245 yards per game...which, of course, bodes pretty well. Still, we'll have to execute to take advantage of this.

At least we'll have Spaeth back, which should help in the red zone, if not elsewhere. Plus, Willie ought (in theory) to be able to put a sizable enough dent in the Seattle defense, which has been giving up a respectable average of about 104 yards on the ground, to do the job. However, it is this last point that I think will be key (whoa, revelation...). If we can get Willie going effectively, it will make everything work a lot better. Ben should have more time and confidence, we can spread the field more, and dictate the flow of the game.

But enough of that for now, I'll save the "analysis" for later, because to be honest with you, I'm slightly hungover today. Stringing words together is not the easiest thing to do right now...check back.

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