October 18, 2007

Javon Walker IS Here To Talk About The Past...

Unlike Mark McGwire, who made the famous declaration part of my stable of poignant quotables, apparently Javon Walker really IS here to talk about the past.

Of course, if I had the game he had against us at Heinz Field in 2006, that's probably all I'd talk about too.

Yesterday, he told the Associated Press:

"Last I remember, I had over 200 something yards of offense...They’re probably sitting back watching tape on ’Do we hope he comes back? Or is he going to come back?’ That’s what they have to worry about. I’m not worrying about nothing. It’s the guy who’s going to line up over me that’s going to be scared."

"It’s just me and the defensive back...if he’s not confident in himself, then he’s looking at me like he’s going to have a tough day."
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh...I'll bet "Face Me" Ike is off somewhere pissing himself in fear right now...er...well, maybe he is, but...

What Walker is failing to realize is that 1. In that game, Jake Plummer was tossing the pigskin for Denver. and 2. That was Ike Taylor 2006, and on Sunday, he'll be up against the 2007 version. Back and better than ever. If I were Javon Walker, I wouldn't be saying a peep right now considering I'd just be coming back from a knee injury that sidelined me for the past two games and I am about to face the #1 defense in the league (#2 in pass defense) with a QB who is throwing more picks than TDs. But that's just me. Yet another reason why I hope the Steelers shit all over the Broncos Sunday. As if I needed another.

Other news notes for Thursday (since I'm done my game preview already...by Thursday):
  • Injury report: Champ Bailey is still gimpy but plans to play Sunday. Like I said yesterday, don't count on Bailey missing this game. He means way too much to that defense. But fact is, he'll probably be going up against another recent gimp, Hines Ward. So hopefully Hines, having rested for the last few weeks will be more prepared than Bailey and we can wear him the F out.

  • Indispensable Steeler of the day: Marvell Smith. Ed Bouchette wrote a great article for this morning's Post-Gazette, all about how valuable Smith is in protecting Big Ben and what a great, albeit underrated pass blocker he is. It's actually really refreshing to talk about. You don't find too many papers writing stories about their Left Tackles, do you? Rock.

  • Overblown story of the week: The altitude in Denver. Now, I'm not trying to be a dick to everyone who wrote about/cares about this. But if I had a dollar for every blog post and news article I've read this week about how the altitude in Denver is going to effect the Steelers play, I'd be rolling with Donald Trump. Seriously guys, we've played in Denver many times and played quite well. So why would this affect us any differently this time? Has Denver risen further above sea level since the last time we were there? And what's all this about a freakin' blood pumping machine or some crazy shit? Honestly...
And that's it for now. True to form, I'm sure I'll have something way more interesting to say later on...or tomorrow...you know, I'm flexible.

Oh yeah, and if you're not busy:
Javon Walker's "official" Myspace [Myspace]
Javon Walker's "official" Website [JavonWalker84]


domski43 said...

javon walker is on my fantasy team and is WORTHLESS!! I wish i could have that pick back so that i could draft todd heap

Cotter said...

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

domski43 said...

On nfl playbook, a show on the nfl network (ha ha!! time warner sucks!), brian balldinger and sterling sharpe broke down why and how the steelers are going to exploit the denver d on the ground and through the air (knock on wood) Both heavily favor steelers sunday night. Placing the steelers in the same category as pats and colts.