October 4, 2007

Is This A...What Day Is This???

AHHH, not enough time...working suffocating me...can't...get...anything...done...that I want to do!! Sorry folks, it's been a severely packed two days for me between yesterday and today. So I've been neglecting to post, and I'm sorry to say today will not be much better...just some links and quick commentary. Hopefully I'll get to something you can sink your teeth into, this evening.

For now, enjoy this random, unnecessary banter...I mean these red hot news items:

  • The infinite wisdom of Mike Tomlin -- "Believe it or not, I anticipated that at some point I would lose a game" ...You are wise beyond your young 35 years Michael...

  • Line on Sunday's game = Steelers favored by 5.5 at home...BetUs.com thinks the Steelers will bounce back against the Seahawks...which is a load off my mind because I was really hoping one of the premier online betting sites would endorse the Steelers or they'd probably lose...I mean...yeah, this information serves you no purpose...I apologize...

  • Hines might actually be on the field on Sunday yet. No practice, but he SAYS he might be ok to go...delightfully indefinite...great. Also notice Big Ben is really nursing that bruised foot...maybe Brian St. Pierre will give him a hug and make him feel better...

  • Hey Mike Holmgren, quit feeding us bullshit. Everyone knows neither you nor your team nor the so-called "12th Man" have forgotten Super Bowl XL. Now you're coming to our house...and I can only hope we play even better that we did that day.

  • Polamalu's got a cartilage tear in his rib cage. Yikes.

Alright, that's all I got for now. More later...er...when I get some free time...er at least a moment to breathe.

Drink one for me!

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