October 30, 2007

We'll Always Have The Memories....

"I don't like too many people I compete against when I am competing...I expect it to be heated and it definitely will be in terms of the hatred and things of that nature."
So much bullshit news...so little time. What's a man to do?

By the way - you may have notice a moderate decrease in the length and volume of posts this week...this is by design. I apologize for not being able to really dig into any substantive analysis of the Ravens, but never you fret your purty little heads...Thursday ye shall have that which ye crave.

For now, enjoy these hot Steelers news items of the week:
  • Ricardo Colclough - don't let the door hit you in the ass! As my esteemed fellow Steelers blog guru Christmas Ape over at DC Steeler Nation so eloquently put it, "An Historic Wrong Has Been Righted." Hopefully in time we can all forget the disappointment of watching a 2nd round draft pick struggle at Cornerback...struggle at returning kicks...struggle at life (probably, but I can't back that up factually). But for now all that matters is he is no longer sucking the life out of a roster spot. Instead the Steelers re-signed Anthony Madison. Upgrade? I think a traffic cone in the secondary would've been an upgrade. Bravo Kevin Colbert.

  • For those of you who already own the Hines Ward underwear and collectible 50 cent piece, I give you the Hines Ward Limited Edition Cell Phone. Honestly, how long do you think Cricket Wireless was sitting on that announcement just waiting for Hines to deliver a monster game? Apparently just long enough. Buyer's beware, this phone comes with what I'm sure is the least annoying ring tone ever featuring Hines' voice saying "Yo, it's Hines Ward. Your phone’s ringing. Do you want to catch it or do you want it to go to voicemail?" I prefer Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's On..." myself, just saying...But a portion of the proceeds do go to charity so I suppose I shouldn't be a total cynic. If you want to buy this, I'll let it slide.

  • Oh, Big Ben's elusiveness frazzles defenses, huh? Well maybe he wouldn't have to be so god damn elusive if our line knew anything about protecting the QB. Yeah, I know, Ben has moved well and shook guys off like whoa THIS SEASON. But let me call your attention to that lick Bart Scott put on Ben last season (see clip below if you're daring). Reminder Steeler fans - this problem has not been resolved. Nonetheless, yes, Ben is a monster. I can't wait to watch him stiff arm Ray Lewis like a bitch.

  • Last but certainly not least, please go immediately to Die Hard Steel and read Coolong's post about Bill Belichick, the "evil genius," running up the score, and being a total dickwad in general, all in the name of motivating his team. If you haven't read it, punch yourself in the face right now. And for the record, I still maintain that Belichick knows where Bin Laden is hiding and just won't tell anyone to be an asshole.
Cheers friends, hope you enjoyed the hot lunch...I mean hot links...more tomorrow. Be sure to see the post below and vote for Willie Parker as this week's FedEx Ground Player of the Week.

And remember - "always be closing."


Tobiathan said...

Re: Colclough and ex-Steelers-turned-Prats:

what i posted at DC Steeler site-

Belicheat signs former Steelers defenders so he can get them to give up the defensive calls and schemes. I'm sure of it, but can't PROVE it...

Can't you just hear Belicose Bill: "Look (Chad, Mike, Ricardo etc..), the Steelers screwed you. They didn't think you have talent but I do. So tell me about the defensive schemes..."

'Nuff said.

Cotter said...

Darth Belichick...he probably doesn't even need to ask, he just reads their minds