October 31, 2007

Proof Positive That God Has A Sense Of Humor...

Ladies and gentleman, Ricardo Colclough has been claimed....by none other than...are you ready?...Wait for it...the CLEVELAND BROWNS!

Guess the Browns are looking to return to the days of yore...er 1991-1995/1999-2006...when they blew goats pretty consistently. Well they still blow goats, but at least this season they've done it rather less successfully in 4 out of 7 games. Isn't that the highest win total they've had in like 4 years? Somebody look that up...

ADDENDUM to original post - even Cleveland has now shit on Ricardo Colclough. The headline from today's Akron Beacon Jounral - "Steelers Reject Picked Up." Maybe they should've just gone ahead and said it - "Browns Feast On Steelers Sloppy Seconds."

Colclough Claimed [ClevelandBrowns.com]
Steelers Reject Picked Up [Ohio.com]

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Tobiathan said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns are picking him up in an attemp to glean some of Pittsburgh's defensive schemes and terminology. I totally believe that is the reason Belichud signs so many former Steelers, and R. Crenel is a former accomplice of the Sweatshirt(Belichump). So, yeah, it sounds all conspirational and all but what the hey...it's a competitive game.