September 7, 2007

Something's Afoot in Steeler Nation...

Strange things are happening today...I might not be ok. Allow me to explain...

Does anyone else find it a little disconcerting that Cowher predicted the Steelers would finish 3rd in the AFC North behind Cincy and Baltimore??? I know he's crossed over to "the dark side" now, as an analyst for CBS, but you'd think he would at least even jokingly give us better than 3rd!! Though I didn't get the whole story, and I did notice this moderately-optimistic quote:

"I think Pittsburgh, they've got a chance with their schedule to get off to a good start," Cowher said Tuesday in an interview on the NFL Network. "They've got a chance to be a team to be contended with."
Contended with, but not nearly good enough to win a division? Bill, come on, my heart be still man...I believe this knife belongs to you. First the Bus' book (which I didn't really care about anyway, but who's counting), now this! Oh the drama...[yes I'm joking...]

Ah, but I digress.

In other news, and equally as disappointing (though I'm trying to be optimistic) - Carey Davis replaces Dan Kreider...didn't actually think this would ever happen, but as reported previously, Kreider might not even dress for most games!

Also, check out these Interesting Point/Counter-Points --
Here's to [hopefully] victory on Sunday! Cheers and Happy Friday bitches!

- C

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