September 10, 2007

Attention Cleveland -- Thanks for Making My Job Easy...

I mean, a 34-7 victory in which Big Ben threw 4 TD passes? That just about says it all! But let's talk about what was really telling - 0 interceptions. Ben just about exceeded all expectations yesterday, and while it was Cleveland, which may or may not be a true test of how efficient the Steelers offense will be, this is very promising for the rest of 2007.

But it wasn't just Ben. Willie Parker pitched in to the tune of 27 carries (!) for 109 yards, the Defense came up with 3 fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions, 6 sacks and limited Jamal Lewis to just 37 yards(though it's kind of tough to run the ball when you're behind by like 21 points...), and Allen Rossum held onto each of the kicks he fielded (sad as it is...Upgrade).

Here's some other things I liked:

  • The 1st quarter, 40 yard Ben to Santonio hook up, capitalizing on a Browns turnover
  • Ben did not appear to force the ball at any point(though he did hold it a bit long at times)
  • Najeh Davenport - 8 rushes for 43 yards, a 5.4 yard per rush average (and 1 catch for 17 yards)
  • Rookie [monster] TE Matt Spaeth's 1st Career NFL I kind of feel bad shitting on this pick...
  • Heath Miller Touchdown!
  • Ike Taylor picks up his 1st career sack (can this be true??) and adds an interception. Questions answered?
  • Sepulveda continued to shine...pinning the Browns deep on a couple of different occasions. I think he can do better than his 37.2 average, but these things tend to happen when you don't have to punt often and punt on a short field, word.
  • Jeff Reed appeared to be sober for the entire game...APPEARED to be...

And that's all well and good, but my STAT OF THE GAME was:
Braylon Edwards was credited with 3 tackles, one more than LB Kamerion Wimbley...hahahaha
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

So yeah, one could not script an opener better than that which the Steelers enjoyed yesterday. Let's hope this momentum continues and we have even close to the game we had yesterday against the Bills this coming Sunday. The Bills are coming off a last second loss to Denver, which I'll admit surprised me. I figured the Bills would be pushovers after the departures on Defense and Willis McGahee (though of course now they have Marshawn Lynch). But it doesn't look that way. The good news is it seems like Tomlin isn't taking anyone or anything for granted. So he will likely have the team heads down all week so that this Sunday ends up looking a lot like last Sunday (maybe with 0 turnovers and 0 dropped passes this time)!

Anyone else have any thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? Does Hines Ward like Heinz ketchup?

Cheers to a great 1-0 start!!

- Cotter

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