September 25, 2007

Pittsburgh West aka Whisengrimm's Wild Ride...

If you're like me, when the Steelers let Ken Whisenhunt slip through the cracks and passed over Russ Grimm for the vacancy left by The Chin, you were understanding, but still kind of puzzled. Deep down I think at the time we all kind of wanted Grimm to get the job, notwithstanding the fact that we would ultimately trust in the Steelers to get the best man for the job.

Despite this, by we have all realized 2 things -
1. Mike Tomlin is a genius and I'm a dick for ever having been skeptic
2. Whisenhunt and Grimm pretty much did get coaching jobs in Pittsburgh...Pittsburgh West that is

And once The Whis departed for Arizona, with Grimm following suit, we knew we were in for some poaching. As expected, the player/coach "land grab" that followed was pretty unbelievable. Thus, this Sunday, we shall know thine enemy.

Faces to look for across the sidelines on Sunday will include:


  1. Mike Barr -- Two-time training camp punter
  2. Chukky Okobi -- Once the heir-apparent to Jeff Hartings, the Pittsburgh native was recently outplayed for the Center job with the Steelers and welcomed into Arizona with open arms
  3. Sean Morey -- Special Teams ace (former captain actually) is getting a few looks as a receiver out west. I actually thought it was unfortunate that we let this one get away...but that's another story
  4. Tim Euhus -- Another PA native and former Steelers practice squad tight end...and that's all I got on that...
  5. Rodney Bailey -- Defensive End who never really saw much action in Pittsburgh...another one I don't have much on...
  6. Oliver Ross -- Backup O-Line...yet another big loss (yawn)...

* Besides Whisenhunt and Grimm...
  1. Billy Davis -- Former Cowher-era linebackers coach
  2. Kevin Spencer -- Special Teams coach...assuming the same responsibilities he had in the 'Burgh
  3. Matt Raich -- Former Steelers offensive assistant has switched sides of the ball and is a defensive assistant for Pittsburgh West...
  4. Mike Miller -- Former PR intern and offensive assistant during the Cowher the wide receivers coach for Larry Fitz, Anquan Boldin, Bryant Johnson, et. al. Don't know much about the guy but not a bad unit to work with...
Now, granted, none of these names strikes fear into the heart of any Steeler fan. It's really more to show how many faces we might recognize on Sunday. Either way, I guess in Arizona you gotta do what you gotta do to win, but I'm not sure Whis and Grimm couldn't have gotten some better prepared/more talented guys to fill their holes. Then again, what do I know about coaching?

As for what I think of Arizona...not much. You know you have a problem when you need a fossil like Kurt Warner to come in and pilot your no huddle offense because the what-many-might-call "the future of your franchise" QB can't quite handle it. But still, they've got Edgerrin James (another vet), and a triple threat of receivers in Larry Fitz, Anquan Boldin and Bryant Johnson (not to mention recent draftee Steve Breaston--another Pittsburgh area product). They've also got a few guys on the defensive side that are at least what I'd qualify as "decent", most notably Safety Adrian Wilson. Also, Roderick Hood (if you put any stock in former Eagles...), Antrel Rolle (lost his starting job to Hood though), and Bertrand Berry (formerly the only decent thing in Arizona). Still, I'll take just about any Steeler over any of these guys every day of the week. Ben, Willie, Hines/Santonio/Cedrick Wilson (even), Polamalu, Ike Taylor (yes I said it), DeShea Townsend, or how about even Bryant McFadden, not to mention Brett Keisel or Aaron Smith (PS I'm going position by position here).

Steelers - 31
Cardinals - 6

Which means, NO TOUCHDOWNS ALLOWED! Course, who knows how this will actually pan out, but at worst, this is wishful thinking. Given that we didn't let either the Browns or the Bills score a touchdown, I'd say it's probably not out of the realm of possibility.

That's all for now Steeler fans. As usual, check back later, I might have more for yinz!

Soure: [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]


The Chief said...

You know, in a way I kind of wish the score is a little closer than 31-6 as you predict (which I have to say sounds like a solid prediction that I can get behind). The reason: It keeps the pundits from scrutinizing the Steelers and putting expectations on them. I like a "stealth" 4-0 record instead of 4-0 with all the pressure. Let them keep doubting whether we're for real and we'll just prove it to them! Of course, I could be wrong (I often am!)

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ previous poster: better to underestimate the Stillers than over-. Seems to motivate them.

I like our Black-nGolds tomorrow, but I truly think 'Zona is gonna give them the what-for. Too much familiarity not to see some real competition. At least in the first half.

So far i like what i see from 'Burgh. Let's hope they keep rollin'.....

P.S.- great blog. keep rolin' yer good self!