September 23, 2007

The 49ers Are Who We Thought They Were...

Not to diminish today's win at all but let's be honest, thus far, the Steelers have NOT been challenged offensively or defensively. So as Keisel "The Diesel" puts it...

"I don't think we can afford to get overly excited about where we are just yet. It's nice to be 3-0 and have that confidence, but let's hold on a little bit."
Still, we've outscored our 1st three opponents by a cumulative 97-36, amassing 6 TDs, just about 800 total yards offensively and even a kick return touchdown (1st time in 5 years for the Steelers...). The Steelers are rolling like it's January 2006 and that trend doesn't look to be changing anytime soon, with Arizona (Pittsburgh West) and Seattle being our next two kills.

As is becoming commonplace, here's my Monday Morning QB (errr...Sunday Evening?) positive highlights:
  • #1 has gotta be Allen Rossum's spectacular special teams show. A 98 yard touchdown return and at least one solid tackle. Good pickup? I'd say so...especially since last season we were just hoping our returners could keep their hands on the ball.

  • Willie Parker will run all over your ass...3rd straight week with 100+ rushing yards! Have we ever mentioned he was undrafted out of college? But I think the best part about Willie's performances this season has gotta be his unwillingness to go down. He's been espcially difficult to bring down this year...something I am really digging.

  • Fun fact of the day: This is the 6th time in team history that the Steelers have opened a season 3-0. The other 5 times: 1973, 1978, 1979, 1982 and 1992. I like those odds...

  • We finally got Heath Miller into the game (besides that TD from week one). If you ask me, I'll take running the ball and hitting the TEs in the flat all day long if it works. Plus let's put it this way - the guy was a 1st round pick at TE...we ought to use him accordingly.

  • For that matter, getting Tuman into the mix? Good decision. 3rd straight week with a TE touchdown.

  • Jeff Reed's hitting 49 yarders? Good shit...

...and I could go on all day...but I won't.

So I ask you Steeler fans, as Coach Tomlin consistently challenges the guys, Do we have the goods to be champions??? Oh we got the goods alright...they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Cheers to another beautiful win!

Here's a roundup of other post-game coverage:
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PS - so I gotta ask, did anyone else dry heave when they saw the Eagles 75th Anniversary uniforms?? I guess the good news for them was pastels = they scored what, 6? 7? I don't even know...


Andy said...

I'm a new subscriber to your blog and looking forward to following the analysis from a fanatic. :-) I live on the left coast and got to watch a rare Steelers game on TV Fox, other than that I get my fix from fans like you dissecting the stories and from the NFL Pass.

Re: The Eagles uniforms - One word: Hideous.

While Rossum's 98 year TD was awesome, Willie Parker has gotta be the #1 story highlight for the game, that guy can *run* and should continue to until those 'wheels come off'.

Cotter said...

Rock n' Roll, thanks for the comment! Always love to hear from new readers, and I'm glad you are enjoying it thus far.

Yeah, Willie is definitely top of mind. What surprised me yesterday was he was running both to the outside and between the tackles. Traditionally he's had a much rougher time going north-south but yesterday he did it all!

The Chief said...

God awful Eagles unis. I think those might have been uglier than the throwbacks the Steelers wore about ten years ago with the city's emblem and the "prison stripes" on them. Remember those hideous things?