September 14, 2007

Cincinnati Deviancy At It's Finest...

This just in - it's not just Bengals players that are deviants. Now, even the player's dogs are now engaging in socially unacceptable behavior.

Apparently, the pooch of Bengals CB Deltha O'Neal bit a woman and her child "on the legs and buttocks" at O'Neal's condo yesterday. But never you fear folks, O'Neal, being a not wholly indecent man, took both to the hospital where they were treated for their injuries. The dog, however, is being held for the next 10 days by animal control officials, who will ultimately decide what happens to it. Not that I sympathize with a Bengal or anything, but as a dog lover, I hope he's spared and maybe they can get him into the hands of someone who knows how to handle a domestic animal...

Speaking of domestic animals...that's not all out of Cincy today --

Farbeit from Ocho Cinco to let a week go by without making the headlines with some ridiculous prediction or stunt. This week it's potentially both. Today, Chad made the declaration that in Sunday's game against the Brownies in Cleveland, when he scores a touchdown (and having just faced Cleveland we know he will score at least 2 or 3) he's going to jump straight into the Dawg Pound. Good for him, but lest he forget, it's Cleveland. So he better take at least two post-game showers to cleanse himself.

That's all for now Stiller fans...Cotter, over and out.

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